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My Dingo project. Finally got her out of my house and yard. This is at one of my neighborhood parks. Still have work to do on her.

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Finally got my Dingo to a point that I'm proud of and found some time to get her outside. Just driving her around one of my neighborhood parks.
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+Jimmy Fallon​, seriously? I got nothing but tears from laughter.

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Love these guys...

Twin Forks - "Back to You" on Exclaim! TV:

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Lol...I just had to reshare...
What!?!?? I wasn’t going to wear it.
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#Bears #BestTeamEver #Chicago #BestCityEver

NFL: FINAL - 11/04 - BEARS 27 PACKERS 20  –via ScoreCenter (

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This is temping... very tempting.

I am needing to do some fender mods to my xj and am wondering what you guys have done to yours?

In the mod, I want to add armor and not just a plastic flare. I have come across this site for tubes and kind of like this idea:;jsessionid=F1E40C93B0DEF16563F9223833C100D2.m1plqscsfapp02?productId=69&categoryId=8

Thoughts, opinions, experience are all welcomed. 
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