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Skype Reflection
What went well? I think that the kids were somewhat interested with everything we were saying today.  It seemed like there are some things that were a little out of their range in terms of understanding, but for the most part it seemed as though they were h...

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How to Work at McDonald`s
Procedural Writing: How to Work at McDonald`s 1) Lower your expectations Photo Credit: Micayla McNaughtan 2) Wear a lame uniform Photo Credit: Micayla McNaughtan 3) Learn to clean up spills, even if they`re not yours Photo Credit: Shelby Graham 4) Change yo...

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Taylor Swift's Video Surprise! Here I have a link of a video posted by Taylor Swift. I wanted to talk about this because I thought it was an adorable story.  What basically happened was, a fan of Taylor had been a long time fan, been to every...

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Skype Reflection
1)       What topics did you present? How did you go
about making it “stick” with your audience? The topic we presented was the punctuation
mini lesson.  We taught the kids how to
properly use a comma, period, exclamation mark, and a question mark. To teach...

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Hate.  Although in
this photo I don’t seem very hateful at all, I wanted to express how an
expression of hate could look.  In the
picture I have a pose implying “get that camera out of my face” and “I don’t really
want to see you right now.” I think this re...

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So, I hit a car at one mph. 
Enough said about that really.  The
photo is the scene of the accident after I got out of my car to examine both
cars.  With the use of the ellipsis, it
creates some dramatic suspense, only to change to humour after knowing that...

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In this photo I combined 3 photos into one.  The top two are pictures from when I was much
younger, probably around 5 or 6, and the bottom photo is from January 25, 2014,
when I was 17. I find that the text and the picture relate to each other
because, even...

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Growing Up
I chose
to have a collage of me that I had made about 4 or so years ago of me
throughout the ages.  I believe that this
relates with the topic of me growing up because it shows me in all different stages
of life.  The text works with the picture
because it ...
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