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I have disabled text messaging entirely on my cell account. If you send me a text message, I won't get it.


I've been getting as much spam as legitimate texts. Prices for texting are exorbitant; the telecoms make ridiculous margins on it. It's the soda pop of telecom. AT&T refuses to reverse charges for spam, meaning that they actually have an incentive to allow it: every spam text they fail to filter is money in their pocket.

I've had enough of it.
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I did this a couple of years ago and use Google Voice for all my SMS messages. It works pretty well on Android. Haven't paid for text messaging since. I also find GV's way of handling your voice mail is superior to carrier-based voice mail for the same reason you cite that carrier-based messaging has a poor customer alignment incentives. So GV is a twofer for me. I will probably never pay for text messaging again. It's stupid.
Good news: iMessage still works just fine, and appears to buffer messages sent while I am off wifi.
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