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Mark 12:28–34
Mark 12:28–34 (ESV) : The Great Commandment Passage In the last passage Jesus swatted down some Sadducees who wanted to fight about the resurrection. In this passage we are told that one of the scribes overheard that conversation and was impressed with the ...

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Penguins, yes, penguins. What relevance do penguins have to the furtherance of medical science? Well, strangely enough quite a lot, a major breakthrough, maybe. It was from such an unlikely beginning as an unwanted fungus accidentally growing on a sterile p...

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Well, er, yes Mr. Anchovy, but you see your report here says that you are an extremely dull person. You see, our experts describe you as an appallingly dull fellow, unimaginative, timid, lacking in initiative, spineless, easily dominated, no sense of humour...

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A colleague brought this all the way from the Ukraine. Beginning XML in Russian!

Was I ever so young?

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I know I'm way behind on the times, and this went viral a long time ago, but I don't care. It amazes me, so I'm sharing it again... :)

I waited a long time for Google Voice to expand into Canada because I think it'll be a great service to use. Then they finally did, but for outgoing calls only, so I could make calls but I couldn't set up a Google Voice number of my own for people to call me. Still, you can't complain about free long distance calls anywhere in North America, right?

But I'll love it even more when I can set up my own GV number so that people can call me. All of the help for GV talks about how to set up a number, but nowhere in the help does it have that little caveat that "this is only for 'mericans, y'all, not for the rest of you." (No, the forums don't count.) And they had these weird little glitches, where if you went to the GV Settings page you'd see certain settings, but then if you opened Gmail and went to the settings there it gave you a link to your GV settings and gave you access to a previously unavailable set of settings, which seemed to have a link that might let you set up a number--except all it gave you was an error message. (Not a "sorry, this service isn't yet available outside of 'merica" error message, just a generic error message that said that something went wrong.) But they eventually fixed the glitch so that you don't see that option anymore, even if you go there via Gmail's settings.

And then I noticed recently that they had a new link on the GV page that says Get a Voice number, and when I click that it lets me choose between getting a new number or using my existing cell number. "Finally!" I thought, "they've expanded into Canada!" And when you click that link it gives you the option of creating a new number or porting your existing mobile number. And when you choose to create a new number, it tells you to enter an area code so that you can do a search, and then choose your very own GV number. And when you do... you get a generic error message that says that something went wrong.

So I'm assuming that the service simply isn't available in Canada yet, and that's fine. Like I say, I still get free long distance anywhere in North America, and the call quality is good--people can rarely tell I'm calling from a computer--so I'm loving what I've got, and I'll wait patiently for the service to fully expand into Canada.

But seriously, Google Voice folks, you've got to stop introducing these bugs into your system.

1. Don't give us the option to create a number if we can't actually create a number. (That's actually a good tip in general: Don't tease us with functionality we don't have, regardless of what that functionality is.) And in this case, this link that teases me with creating a number has been there for at least a week, if not two. (Maybe even longer, since I don't go to the actual GV page very often.)

2. If you are going to keep accidentally giving us options that we don't really have, at least give us a useful error message. "Sorry, y'all, this service is only available for 'mericans." Let's be honest, "There was an error with your request. Please try again." is kind of a tease, because I will try again...

3. Would it hurt to update the help to make it clear what services are available in what countries? (No, the forums don't count.)

3.5. Similarly, would it hurt to blog--or post to G+--or something--and give us some updates as to when you're planning to roll things out to other regions?

Huh. I actually feel somewhat better...

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Interesting perspective. Especially as Mayor Ford gets ready to start ejecting Occupy Toronto protesters; how is that going to go down?

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I didn't know that Skype used OBJECT PASCAL. You learn something new every day...

(If the image below doesn't show up in your stream, click the link. And if your browser shrinks the image to fit in the window you'll have to expand it, because it's big.)

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