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6accdæ13eff7i319n4o4qrr4s9t12vx... at least, it pays the bills.
6accdæ13eff7i319n4o4qrr4s9t12vx... at least, it pays the bills.

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RIP, Chuck Berry. 

Conditional convergence: a guy can spend his entire life within the county where he was born, yet still void the warranty on his car. 

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A colleague sent out an e-mail inviting a few of us over for pizza and drinks, spouse and children welcome, in honor of a visitor who is in the area travelling with his girlfriend.

He got hauled off by the Bayesian police for hitting all the right cues in 140 words or less. 

Not elected to rub elbows with reporters and celebrities. Elected to play golf at his private resort. Yup. 

A student mentioned to me that she wants to become a "percussive engineer" (think design of drums and other percussive instruments, and audio/architectural designs of concert halls and such).

Does any body know what sort of training one would usually need for this kind of a career? 

My four-year-old the Geometer: "cake is solid, but pizza is flat."

I blame Peg + Cat.

Colloquium speaker today used the quote from Anna Karenina, "All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way", to explain the Large Deviations Principle.

I am not sure whether this is illuminating more of the Russian mentality or of the way that academics (especially mathematicians) think.


Explanation: all happy families are alike, because happiness depends on everything going right, which by Large Deviations makes it extremely unlikely. 

Just figured out how to hack the post processing hooks in poole (the static website generator) to automatically add Google Analytics tracking code to register PDF downloads.

(The things I do to prep for my NSF proposals.)


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Oh man, now I regret getting my degree in maths. Suffering through a physics PhD would be totally worth it just for the chance of doing this as an outreach activity.

(And also, how many Princeton math professors can you count in the video? Elliott Lieb is instantly recognizable. Any others?)
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