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This is super-hilarious in a very sad way. If woman-parts gross you out, skip this.

(And if so, I'm not sure why you're following me, as I talk about politics sometimes and there is a very large overlap between politics and lady-bits these days.)

These legislators don't seem to get that a significant portion of women don't have alarm-clock-accurate monthly cycles. Before I went on the pill to stop it completely, my cycle lasted two to four months. It's not just common among women with other reproductive issues either, people just have varying cycles. A typical one is around a month, but that's rather like saying women are a certain height or weight.

Even now, I haven't had a period for over 6 months but hormonal birth control is only 99% effective- if I was the one out of a hundred that it failed on, by the time I found out 3 months from now... That government would say 'Sorry, you're due now.'

Actually, does that mean they would or wouldn't allow an abortion, since it would be at 9 months? /rimshot
(Keeping in mind health exemptions to bans; I have a very high risk for ectopic pregnancy, but 'pro life' governments don't consider it a health emergency until it is actively rupturing. That fact is so horrific I have been trying to illustrate a story explaining how absurd that is, but the disturbing fact of these hateful politics being real gets to me)

Geez (anti)woman's health legislation like this sure get sticky when you bring real peoples real, complicated bodies into it. It's almost as if it's so complicated that you should let doctors and patients handle it in a responsible, case by case manner.

Now that I think about it, if my b/c failed a year or more from now, by those rules I could be a freaking elephant! Sweet!

h/t +Mari Thomas via +David Badash
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Omg I can't believe this is occurring...what else are they going to take away from us now?? Everyday our liberties are being chip away at...soon we will not even be aloud to wipe our rears without proper legislation. This makes me so angry! Btw thank you for sharing the article!
Trey Cc
Was it a mistake to go for racial equality first, now sexual orientation equality, even immigration equality takes precedence over gender equality.... Sorry ladies, but it looks like until there is a female president that glass ceiling will never be shattered.. If anything it seems to have been made bullet-proof too now... :(
The mistake imo is going for niche equality.
When we start treating every single person as a fully autonomous individual with the limitless potential, while recognizing that every person has different circumstances and still deserves the same respect and compassion...
Then maybe we can actually finish these exhausting, idiotic fights.
Wow - so I've already got the lady at the checkstand at Safeway pregnant just thinking about it.
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