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The cover (without the new logo) and some art from the Polish edition of Dungeon World.
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Frage zu meinen Bekannten aus Deutschland/Osterreich:
Kennt ihr vielleicht einen guten Deutschen/Österreichischen Online-Shop, das Brettspiele (nicht Rolllenspiele!) auch nach andere Laendern liefert?
Ich suche ein paar seltene Titeln fur meine Sammlung...

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Question - after playing many games of DW and other Fantasy Tabletops, do you actually use Fronts by-the-book? I actually find them quite useless, I do write down any Ideas, Dangers and Personas that come up during our games in my notebook, but I never use the Fronts rules as written in the DW book. I just note down any Permanent Dangers the heroes have ignored, and I try to use them in our next game.
A friend of mine though has informed me, that I never really played Dungeon World, if I didn't print out the Adventure Front sheet and placed it on the table.
How do you play? Do your really note down everything - all dangers, fronts and grim portents for your players? Or do you simply write down everything what happens during your games in your notebook, and you just keep playing?

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It's Teach Your Kids To Game week on DriveThruRPG. You can now buy my troll-tastic game "The Green Snout" for 75 cents.

The Green Snout is a tabletop game, in which the players slip into the role of trolls. No, not internet trolls, I mean those big, green ones, which you know from fantasy worlds.

The point of the game is to find a new cave and survive as long as possible. Humans, elves, dwarves (the short ones are the worst!) and other nasties will do anything to ruin your day.

The Green Snout was originally made for the polish RNI4 contest. This version has been translated into english and received an extra chapter and cover image.

The package contains the rulebook and also a Troll and Cave Sheet.


Ich bin mir nicht sicher, wie viele Leute ich hier finde, die bei einem Verlag arbeiten, aber ich habe eine Frage zu dem Verkauf und Werbung von Rollenspielen im Deutschland.

Gestern habe ich dieses Thema auf Tanelorn gefunden (,100086.0.html) und ich war ein bisschen überrascht, wie viele Spiele im Deutschland dieses und nächstes Jahr erscheinen, und ich habe mich gefragt, wie zum Teufel wird das alles Verkauft :-/

Zu Zeit erscheinen bei mir, im Polen, keine neue Titeln, das Crowdfunding für das neue Earthdawn Buch ist gescheitert und sogar ein simples Savage World Setting ist riskant, weil der verkauf von Rollenspiel-Bücher so niedrig ist. Es gibt sehr viele Rollenspieler, aber wenig Konsumenten. Rollenspiel-Cons sind vollgepackt, aber man findet keine Verkaufsstände mit neuen Produkten. Die, die eigentlich neue Spiele kaufen möchten, müssen sich praktisch mit DriveThruRPG abfinden.

Meine Frage also lautet: wie macht Ihr das? Wie ist das Verkauf von Rollenspielen in Deutschland organisiert? Wie sieht die Werbung aus? Auf welche weise erreichen die Verlage die potenziellen Käufer und Spieler? Auf Cons? Durch YouTube? Foren?

Und lohnt es sich wirklich? Wie hoch sind die Profite?

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The (young?) Grognards

So, how's this:

Heavy Weapon Damage (ex. Two-Handed Swords) - d8
Standard Weapon Damage (Club, Staff) - d6
Light Weapon Damage (Daggers) - d4

Yes, I know, WhiteBox should use only d6's, but...

Do you award your players XP for completing Quests in your games?
If so, how do you calculate it?

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White Box: Expanded Lore has been updated to version 1.1, a lot of nasty errors have been fixed and exotic weapons have been explained (as always - as sweet and simple as possible).

My last online White Box game was pretty... bad? The whole party died thanks to two ghouls (yep, I placed two ghouls in lvl. 1 Dungeon, and no Cleric in the party...).

Tomorrow I will host another game at my house. This will be a perfect occasion for me to test out some new stuff, that will probably appear in the future versions of Expanded Lore, or maybe something else. I have two new classes in my notepad, but I'm not sure if they are necessary... I also have some neat ideas, that I used in my Dungeon World games, but I think adding these "pure indie rules" to White Box would be a sin, and some grognards would kill me for it :-)

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White Box: Expanded Lore is a supplement for White Box and is compatible with any other Swords & Wizardry game. It adds:

* Four new character classes: the Bard, the Paladin, the Monk and the Druid. Each of them is designed to be simple and in the same fashion as the original White Box classes.
* 20 UNIQUE Druid Spells

Furthermore, this book presents optional, expanded rules designed for long White Box campaigns:

* Alternative character race rules
* Additional abilities for all eight character classes
* Feats!

Everything for the low price of "Pay What You Want", feel free to to take it... for free. Any support is welcome.
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