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For the best online tyre prices visit Malvern Tyres
For the best online tyre prices visit Malvern Tyres

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Find out which of our Malvern Tyres branches offer MOTs, and exactly what is tested during an MOT.

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We want to know your thoughts on #wintertyres ?

Have you, or are you planning to put them on your vehicle this Winter?

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It might be an exaggeration but the number of potholes on British roads is rising rapidly.

Not only can they ruin your tyres, potholes can knock out your tracking and wheel alignment.

If your car is driving different, veering to the right or left whilst driving or  have noticed uneven tye wear your wheel alignment may be out.

Contact your local Malvern Tyres for more info.

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Does your tax expire in November? Do you have a valid MOT certificate to retax your vehicle?

Find your nearest Malvern Tyres MOT Testing branch and remember to leave enough time just in case your vehicle needs a retest.

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Have you noticed your cars brakes aren't working properly? or your car feels different whilst driving?

It could be down to your shock absorbers or suspension ...

Suspension problems can also dramatically reduce the safety of your vehicle. Contact your local Malvern tyres branch for more information and repairs.

What are you thoughts on #winter  #tyres?

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So why are winter tires so important? They have specially designed treads that pack IN more snow, because snow grips snow better than anything else. Learn more:

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Do you know what's tested during an MOT?

Read our concise list of what is tested during an MOT. Some items can be checked and fixed before you go to your test centre and save you money on both repairs and a retest.

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Do you know what your tyres label means?

The new EU Tyre Label rates a tyre's performance in 3 key areas: fuel efficiency, wet grip and noise levels. FInd out which tyre is best for you.

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Will your tyres last the winter?

If the answer is no, visit your local Malvern Tyres centre for value for money and excellent customer service.
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