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Gaming through psychology
Gaming through psychology


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Black hack, white hack, macchiato monsters, WOD, DW Lite.... Are there any of this ilk that I am missing?

'I'm going through a miserable divorce. My wife cheated on me and got pregnant. I have lost all of my money and I fear for the future of my two children.

That is nothing compared to watching people play Pathfinder' -stranger in passing

Has anyone seen a bestiary list that is separated by favored icons?

Noob question:

How do I know if a creature's attack is a spell that can be countered with the Counter-Magic spell?

Noob question:

Spells like Blur don't have an attack roll explicitly stated in its rules text. How do you cast it? Is there any rules in the book about how to cast a spell?!?

Spell help.

The Shield wizard spell says 'Free to cast when an attack hits your AC'

Does that mean when an attack hits EXACTLY my AC, or my AC and higher?

Also, is it just implied that this spell is daily and recharges +11?

Tom Bom:

I took a college lit class at Eastern Washington U on Lotr. My professor told me that Tom Bom was meant to take a larger roll in the trilogy, but the audience disliked him so much that he cut him out of the two latter books. He said that most of what Strider did as a character was actually originally meant for Tom (being the strong male leader, gathering forces, etc). Have you heard this before or was my professor having a go?

So, I have had a hard time managing all of the fiddly bits of my character and other data.

What are your favorite game management tools? Apps, websites, auto-updated forms, etc?

Noob question. Do offensive spells count as an attack?

More specifically:
1: If someone rolls a for a spell and crits, does it deal double damage?
2: if someone rolls for a spell that is not offensive, do you ever try to 'crit' it? (Super effective charm spell or super effective invisibility spell?)
3: Do offensive spells deal no damage on a miss, unless indicated in its rule?

Does anyone know if there are any 13th Age Free RPG Day products before 2015's At Land's End?
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