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Lookit the kitty

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Because staying in one place is old school.

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On Moving
One day, I will have a place to call my own for more than a
9-month period. That day is not today. But I lasted from May until October,
which is pretty good for something that began in the summer. I was never that
good at putting down roots anyway. The majo...

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Because I promised my sister I would share further adventures.

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Surprise Adventures
I went on an adventure! And I’ve been talked into the
occasional post on the little adventures I do also, as apparently they are
interesting? Don't expect too many, but i'm told i need to catch you up on some adventures that I'm suppose have in fact happene...

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Berlin Day Two
First, please excuse any typos. I´m writing this on a German keyboard because I accidentally fried my laptop adapter. The biggest changes are the positioning, addition of umlauts, and my y key is in a very unsual position. Second, I have been corrected on m...

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Day one of Berlin
So. Last Night, we arrived at Berlin, tired from a day of
travel, hungry as a pack of wild coyotes, and incredibly curious.  The others went for a self-guided night time
tour of Berlin. I went to save the world from me being cranky, and had an
Italian Dream...

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Neustrelitz and the Orangery
After two days of rushing about, Sunday was rather welcome for most of the travelers. On Sunday, for the most part we relaxed, taking a break from
the frenzied sightseeing of the past two days to breathe in the German Air and
get some much needed sleep. And...

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Rostock and Warnemuende
Friday isn’t the only day we traveled of course!  Saturday meant another trip, this time by
train! Yay trains! You all know I love train travel. This one was a two hitter also, and like most two hitters I
just didn’t feel like I got enough time at either pl...

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Peenemuende and Zinnowitz
Germany has been grand so far. I’ve been kept so busy as
part of the Joint Space Weather Summer Camp (simply called DLR Camp in Germany)
that I haven’t been able to sit down and write, not really. The camp in the
German side is very different than the one i...
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