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Jerry West, team-building lessons:

"I would tell you one of my favorite players of all time was Nick Van Exel. He’s a player that I could identify with for a lot of reasons. He had a really tough life. A really tough life growing up. And he was so competitive and he was not afraid. The thing that made him great was this chip he had on his shoulder. But the thing that also hurt him was the chip on his shoulder.

I loved him as a player and one of the saddest days during my days in Los Angeles was when we traded him. Didn’t want to do it, but you almost felt you were forced to because of some of the behavioral things. He just competed and wasn’t afraid. Oh, my gosh. You didn’t have to worry about him competing. He had that edge that was an edge you wish all players had."

"I’m a harsh judge of players. I’m a harsh judge in terms of greatness. But if you can play both ends of the court I’m damn sure probably going to like you. That would be what we were looking for later in the draft. More importantly, those players who could go out there and play hard every night. "

"The thing that was really important to me: How hard is this guy going to play? If he can’t play hard in college – how in the world are they going to play hard in an 82-game schedule? That limits them immediately from a coaching perspective because a coach does not need to motivate someone to play hard.
If you have to motivate someone to play hard, that’s not a fun thing to do. "

" A.C., I sort of felt really good because I knew what we got. You’re never going to have to motivate him. He was going to get better because he was going to outwork everyone. "

" I never wanted any credit for anything that went good anywhere I’ve been. Anywhere. Any credit."

"A few teams see something when they get players that are a little bit flawed because some of their skills are not what they should be, but they have athletic ability and work ethic. That’s what I’m talking about with hard work."

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Ed Latimore, on #process:

" Outcomes are impossible to control. Living passionately, in pursuit of a worthwhile goal, is a process. We can control the process. "

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Carmelo Anthony -

On leaving a bad situation:

"I am not the kind of guy who just goes out there and says, ‘Get me outta here … get me outta here,’ without having a plan. It’s bigger than that."

On being in a bad situation:

"Mentally I’m good. For me, I’m trying to compartmentalize it and deal with it to be able to focus and have a clear mind. I’m just trying to play basketball and have fun. Sometimes I feel like I am not allowing it to be fun with everything going on. The last two months has been about me trying to enjoy the game."

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NaVorro Bowman, on coaching:

"If you needed love, he gave you love. When you needed discipline, he gave you discipline."

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Brent Musburger:

"A love of sports allows me to live a life of endless pleasure."

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Ronda Rousey, on defeat:

"Sometimes - even when you prepare and give everything you have and want something so badly - it doesn't work how you planned."


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Alex Siquig, on the state of the union:

"Freedom of speech, Miller High Life, beating the Nazis, free refills, Martin Luther King, unparalleled economic prosperity, a nuclear arsenal capable of destroying the world man times over... it’s hard to argue that the United States of America hasn’t established the best regular season record in history. Who comes close? The Achaemenid Persians? Rome? The Tang Dynasty? Yeah, all very impressive squads, but in the end, America has the wealth, the military might, and the soft power of Hollywood, Starbucks, and Kanye West. And yet it is our failures and our near misses that continue to define us. Our shortcomings are not merely incidental collateral damage, but something we should be working unceasingly to redeem. In other words, we deserve to feel shame for the things we deserve to feel shame for (errant braggart passes in a Game 7, Japanese-American internment camps) while at the same time striving to (as hectoring Twitter activists might say) “do better.”"


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Nerlens Noel on workplace frustrations:

"You might get emotional sometimes, and I'm human and I want to play basketball at the highest level. Now moving forward, it's taking it day by day and keep improving."


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Steve Young, on leadership vs talent:

"Leadership is built by the personalities you put in the locker room, not just talent. So yes, you might have, and I guess Trent is right, talented guys and I guarantee you, you look at any NFL team they’re loaded with the best athletes in the world. I get that. But football is not won with just throwing out the best athletes in the world. And the best teams understand personalities and how it fits in their system. "

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John Lucas, on addiction:

"It’s easy to tell if you have an addiction. If you can’t change your behavior to reach your goals, but you change your goals to meet your behavior, then it’s a real problem."
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