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Ciaran Cummins
Cameras, Guitars and Cars..... oh and family of course!
Cameras, Guitars and Cars..... oh and family of course!

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'Twas a nice morning for a while. 

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A Guinness World Record for the farthest golf shot caught in a moving car was set by the former Formula One driver David Coulthard and professional golfer Jake Shepherd. Shepherd hit a golf ball at 178mph into the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster, which was moving at a speed of 120mph when it caught the ball 275 meters away from the tee. The extraordinary film shows the exact moment when David Coulthard caught the speeding golf ball between the seats of the SLS AMG Roadster. The amazing feat was not only caught on camera, but also independently verified by a Guinness World Record adjudicator who confirmed the unbelievable achievement secured the title of farthest golf shot caught in a moving car. 


Students of 1st year of Photography in St.Kevin's College Dublin wish to invite You to the exhibition of analog black and white photography.
Opening of the exhibition (BYOB event!) will take place on the 17th of May at 6pm, and the exhibition will be also open on Friday, 18th of May (11-5).

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One of the Best moon shots I've seen from a normal camera (so to speak).

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Really is beautiful to see!

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Portrait of Anna.

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Anna Breaking Glass

Assignments assignments assignments that's what's going on!

OK so we use the continuous assessment method which basically means that instead of having an exam at the end of the year to see if you have remembered all the information thrown at you throughout the year the continuous assessment route as it would suggest has you doing assignments continuously. This way you don't have a lot of time to come home and relax and forget about what you have been doing over the past few weeks. Personally I like it as it keeps you interested and researching.
This week I have a speech to hand in, actually I handed it in last week but was asked to change the final paragraph as it was a little to personal. So I have re-done that and will hand it in tomorrow. Also tomorrow I have a photo assignment to hand in on the subject of "Life", a pretty extensive subject. There is also a simple enough one on scanning of film negatives of different formats which can only be done in class as I don't have an old film scanner lying around and with this we also have to bring in a single RAW file for processing. This file however will be the first official image that will enter or Portfolio so it has to be a decent image. And finally due in is a brochure designed and printed (only on paper) by ourselves. That part is the easy part it's the log of work that I have to keep reminding myself to keep.

So my week is fairly busy, even more so now that some of the images I might have used for the Life theme have now been destroyed as they were on a Roll of Film, yes FILM that I had taken and while it was being developed was destroyed by someone bursting into the Darkroom knowing full well it was at that moment in use. So today I'm off with the digital monster to annoy some strangers and possibly my 87year old Mother who has seen quite a bit of Life in her day. Also one of Nieces as her hair and make-up are "on trend" at the mo and I think she will make a sweet High key fashion head shot.

Go bhfuil sé mo chairde.

Slán agus ádh mór,


So week two of college just finished. "This week, I have been eating mostly......sandwiches".
It's funny, I think anyway that at my age (I'm not old but didn't expect to be back at full time college) I'm trying to find the best place/way to have lunch in my surroundings. Do I go to the canteen or do I sit alone (never a good idea IMO) with my sandwiches or do I....... do I what? Meeting new people for the first time has never been easy for me as I am quite the shy type and really have to force myself to jump into any conversation that might be happening. So what the hell am I doing trying to be a photographer? Simple answer to that is I LOVE photography.I know I will never be a successful paparazzi or Journalistic photographer but the beauty of photography is that you can happily jump in and be a heavily involved intrusive type or a quite work alone type doing stills or landscape in the ideal world. Good luck finding that!

Being the shy and quite type makes me a great listener and also a great looker, by that I mean I love to look at photographs. So much so that I find that I have to drag myself away from sites like 1x or 500px so that I can go out and take my own pics. From an early age I was always found lurking through the pages of my Dads TIME magazine or his Natural Geographic and it wasn't until recently when I tried to understand what brought me into photography that I realized I had done this, and also any time I was in a position to have a camera in my hand I would be trying to in some way emulate a scene that I had noticed in a mag or on a postcard with little or no success. So it seems to me at least that the seed to take pictures was planted a long time ago and it was my slight introversion that brought me to this place that is mostly filled with extroverts or at least more socially confident then I. So now that I find myself back in college to study photography I find that I am surrounded by this type of "socially confident" or "normal" people and that I am once again going to have to force myself into there conversations to be noticed. It's not as bad as it sounds I'm not the strange weirdo sitting in the corner never speaking, as I am shy and I know it I try to compensate by speaking up in class if I know what's being discussed. For me it's outside of class where I struggle, and as we are all still trying to find our feet and as the usual micro groups begin to form within the class group I will continue to struggle getting to know my class mates and deciding where to have lunch and whom to have it with.
Now in contrary to everything I have just said about me being a bit of an introvert (if it's possible to be a BIT of an introvert) and shy when this phase is over and the class group has finally formed itself and we all get to know each other it is not long after this point that I become the complete opposite of the person described above, at least within the newly formed group. When I know people and feel really comfortable with them I tend to relax and let them in and start to behave a little more towards the person I actually am. And it would appear that I'm a likeable kinda guy....aww shucks! . So why then do I not just become that person straight off the bat. I don't know and I'm not going to try to find out. I don't have time, there are to many wonderful photographs to look at and new (to me at least) photographers to discover. Plus I have to attend the +Scott Kelby WWPW on Sunday in rainy Dublin (Ireland).
I might be shy and find these initial contact situations uncomfortable and awkward but so do many others. This time will pass and I will survive and in time discover that I have made some new friends, some friendships may be temporary and others long term. All in all I know that I will overcome this shyness within my new college group and enjoy what I hope to be the start of the rest of my new career.
Now, what to put on my sandwiches next week, cheese or peanut butter?
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