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The purpose of this study was to compare cognitive and motor performance between land and water environments using a dual-task paradigm, which served as an indirect measure of cortical processing.

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Ai Chi for Fall Prevention in community-dwelling adults

An Ai Chi-based aquatic group improves balance and reduces falls in community-dwelling adults: A pilot observational cohort study from Australia. | October 2016

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Aquatic Trunk Exercise for Stroke Rehab

The effects of aquatic trunk exercise on gait and muscle activity in stroke patients: a randomized controlled pilot study.

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This study aimed to investigate the effects of two deep water training programs on cardiorespiratory and muscular strength responses in senior men.

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The aim of this study was to investigate effects of six-week of aquatic exercise on the autonomic nervous system function, decreased peak nasal inspiratory flow (PNIF) and lung functions in allergic rhinitis patients.

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The purpose of this study was to identify the long-term effect of aqua aerobics exercise program on physical function and mental health in elderly women.

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Discover the scientific evidence of water’s healing abilities. Stay up to date with our latest posts from AQUA4BALANCE.COM - the most comprehensive resource for water-based wellness worldwide.

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Aquatic exercises and pain neurophysiology education vs. aquatic exercises alone for patients with chronic low back pain: a randomized controlled trial.

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Effects of an Ai Chi fall prevention programme for patients with Parkinson's disease.

By Pérez-de la Cruz S. from the Department of Infirmary, Physiotherapy and Medicine, University of Almería, Spain | García Luengo AV. from the Department of Mathematics, University of Almeria, Almeria, Spain | Lambeck J. from the University of Leuven, Leuven, Belgium | Sep 2015

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Advantages of Combined Tai Chi and Ai Chi
Evidence-based Review: Theoretical Benefits of Water-based Tai Chi for Musculoskeletal Disorders
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