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I spent another 11 days in Japan, visiting and revisiting various places. The most surprising one was Shinsekai, Osaka which somehow managed to be more mindblowing than the Dontonbori area was to me last year.
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FB profile changes don't bother me. I want to know what is going to happen to the brand pages - can't find much information on that.

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"To misunderstand the centrality of these services to today’s society is to make a fundamental error. The internet isn’t a luxury addition to life; for most people, knowingly or not, it is life."

It's my Twitter birthday (5 years old). Someone asked me 'but did you have anyone to talk to at that time?' Dude, Twitter wasn't there to 'talk to people'. Unfortunately, you can't stop folks from wanting to chat. :P

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Clyde Smith on "I'm truly baffled by this state of affairs. It's as if record labels can only imagine a digital album as a bundle of songs with pdf's attached. For the life of me I do not understand why we haven't seen a whole slew of enhanced albums in mobile app form that take advantage of all those music videos, promo pics and reviews that often come out before the actual album is released. It's not like there's not plenty of content to bundle with the songs."

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Viva Vox Choir from Belgrade, Serbia perform a Rammstein classic :-)
(via MeFi)

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Pro tip :-)
How to set up a "" redirect in one .htaccess line:

RedirectMatch ^/\+(.*)$•PLUS•ID•HERE$1

For example, mine is:

RedirectMatch ^/\+(.*)$$1

This causes to show my posts by default but allows you to append "about", "plusones", etc, e.g.: .

(Inspired by +Ade Oshineye and many others.)

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Torchwood Miracle Day. One more sleeps.
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