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Robin John Morgan
Average Family guy, writing the sort of things I like reading, and if others do, thats pretty cool too.
Average Family guy, writing the sort of things I like reading, and if others do, thats pretty cool too.


Back at the writing desk working on the latest book in the series, enjoying the sun coming in through the window and the sounds of the birds as a backdrop.. Hmm this is the life.

Its been a really busy 5 months reediting all my books for the new publishing company I have set up, but finally I have my first three books revised and back out in print, and my fourth book in print. I can take a little time to refocus and then start promoting as I work on Book five. Lovin it though :)

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Finally the new Heirs To the Kingdom books by Robin John Morgan are out and available in print, Digital copies will follow later this Summer. 
The New Violet Circle Publing covers of Heirs to the Kingdom by Robin John Morgan
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Hey everyone, sorry I am late in accepting the kind invite. I spend my days reading and writing, so I am looking forward to seeing what everyone posts. Nice being here My Best Wishes for the New Year.

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As someone who runs a page of FB to promote my books I too feel I have been smacked in the face, and will need to seriously look at leaving FB.

Oh what a month, been very busy writing and taking care of the family that I have hardly been on here, hoping to get on and read all your posts at weekend.

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This is a little freaky, some say it is the sound of the earth troubled, whatever it is I hope they find an explaination soon, just to ease my mind.... Have a listen it will freak you out a little

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This sounds about right.

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Its no wonder the Germans lead on so many fronts, I have been saying we need to this in Britain for years, especially using solar energy on public buildings, Honestly some times I think Britain is becoming a third world country!!
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