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There's Nothing Medieval about Trump
Columnists keep wanting to distance us moderns from Trump, but he's as modern as it gets.  GUEST POST  by Eric Weiskott In an interview for The Guardian last week,
philosopher Daniel Dennett was asked whether “deep thinking” is what’s needed
in the current ...

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Milo and the University of Chicago Medievalists
There's been a lot of coverage (in my little slice of the world) of a medievalist at the University of Chicago who has been writing quite outrageous things about Milo the Professional Bigot. There's more to say about Milo, but lots of folks are already sayi...

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Right Wing Attacks on Academia Continue: Iowa Law Mandates Political Affiliation
Amidst all the furor over Milo and UC Berkeley, in which non-students staged an action to shut down a speech, the GOP keeps doing its thing - using money and access to power to try and overthrow public universities. I wrote about this most recently here for...

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Disability and M. Night. Shyamalan (SPOILERS)
In the wake of Split , disability rights folks have been grumpy about the ways that the show depicts Dissociative Identity Disorder (aka Multiple Personality Disorder). It's one of the most stigmatized, and broadly misunderstood, disabilities, especially in...

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Euphemisms Spread Stigma
@LaurieBerkner we should talk someday about "special needs" vs "disabled." :) Though I admit most parents like the former. — David M. Perry (@Lollardfish) February 14, 2017 My son's love of music is known across the multi-verse, specifically Hamilton  and t...

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Trump on Vaccines
Anti-vax advocates are as emboldened by Trump as the neo-Nazis are. Good round-up of the threats from Vox . As I wrote in early November, anti-vax is one of Trump's most consistent positions .

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How to Write Inclusive Job Descriptions
READ THIS: How to write an inclusive job description . STEP 1: UNDERSTAND ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS The essential functions of a job are not synonymous with all the functions of that job. A disabled person’s inability to perform a nonessential function is not...

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Ezell Ford is Still Dead
Ezell Ford is still dead. The family has been given some money. The officers remain undisciplined and certainly won't be charged. This is the pattern. Disabled people - especially but not exclusively black men, especially but not exclusively people in menta...

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Humans on Campus: Washington before and after Milo
The other day I suggested that a person being shot at a Milo protest in Washington deserved at least as much coverage as, say, Oberlin students arguing about sandwiches ... or even the property damage and action at Berkeley. Because someone was shot. Now Th...

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DeVos and Takes Down IDEA Site
We have an IEP this morning and I wasn't planning to blog anything, as I have two stories being published today. But then I was alerted to this. BREAKING: Our children's future. IDEA's website is 404 not found. #DumpDevos pic.twitter...
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