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I never thought twice about the commentary until you pointed it out. Very easy to put every word under a microscope and turn it into more than what it was. Not saying it was good commentary by any means, but not nearly as bad as this article attempts to make it out to be. 
Well, it's not like a cherry-picked a few words from a 3.5 hour broadcast. These are a large percentage of his words from the most important moments of the game (the last 40 seconds). I have spoken with or heard numerous fans who said they were "screaming at the tv" over what Billick was saying in the final minute. And when you've got a great game like this, the last thing people should be angry about is the commentary. Is this the first commentary that went bad? Hardly. But as somebody that does think twice about commentary, this is one of the first times I felt it was so egregious that it needed to be written about.
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