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Jeff Johnson
There is always a new way to do whatever you have got
There is always a new way to do whatever you have got

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Geeks go big - The truest of geekdom is expressed in the scale of the execution, and this one is likley the geekiest ( software coded to render tweened sequences based on weather, taffic etc )  


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Victorian Geeks. Steampunk forensics. BBC America. Edgy.
Sometimes what i do gets honored by trade professionals, goes public.

A favorite: the Homer Jackson character... truly an 1889 victorian geek.

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Unless you have closetphobia -- this.

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Let It Snow - have a great holiday and Happy New Year

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* if you know what this means:*

"Node is nothing if not popular; late last year, Node eclipsed Ruby to become the most-watched repo on GitHub"


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Congrats out to AMC
In Feb 2012 the Walker Book got over 1 million page turns just ahead of and during the season premier. Its one of the things i do like about what i do. - 2012 AMC goes from contender to top dog. Well earned with massive talent pool.

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Re-sharing in a public profile since AMC has this in their site
AMC Liked the pressbook enough to make it public. Or maybe it was Kevin Smith... not sure, i have to ask these guys why they like my stuff i guess.

Post has attachment  - Kind of cool when a major designer likes your work and wants a Chinese version of a promotional lookbook. Life is good, go live it up a bit. ( the iphone and ipad falls back to english like the initial edition i made )

Post has attachment - a pressbook just launched for another cinematic quality BBCA show. ( ipad version underway now )

Post has shared content - preflight test of winter 2012 - 1.5 hours video, snowfall, interactives again
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