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Thomas Walden
Works at Independent - Concerned with the issue of security of Transmission Substations & Transmission Lines
Attended The Universi;y of Texas at Austin, College of Engineering
Lives in Austin, Texas, Austin, TX USA 78758
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Thomas 'Randy' Walden
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Eclectic, Educated, Respecful Electrical Engineer & Gadgeteer
I like electric utility work and I'm looking into wind and or solar energy as a new option.

It's way too hot in Austin in the summer, though I am a fourth generation Austinite.  I should have a place in the mountains from about May to October.  Only If, sigh.
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I have a wonderful wife and a son who just turned 15 on 12/2/12. I can write a specification on anything, even something I've never seen or heard of before and make it better than the "that's the way we've always done it" method by getting along with the 30+ yr veterans of a company who have procured such equipment independent of 'engineering meddling", which was usually forced on them. listen to them & the manufacturers, then add items which others are skeptical of, but 99% of the time see what and why I did what I did and usually end up with new friends and a great product. I'm safety orientedd, so my additions of something like a safetyy screen/cage was at first a nusiance, but a couple of years later, an almost catastrophic event happened with one piece of equipment I specifieded some of my 'extras' on and a polypropylene 5/8" rope being pulled by the device at x hundreds or thousands of pounds of force broke maybe 500 feet or so from the device and whipped towards the reel puller we bought and the rope had enough force to put a good sized dent in the steel catwalk/material I added and the operator behind the shield I added mentioned the incident to his boss, who, in fairly typical Construction & Maintenance manner of being people of few words caught me sometime after the incident and told me about it something like this: "The safety cage you had installed on the device probably saved the life of the operator, or at least kept him from being almost cut in half, so 'thanks' ", which was an extremely High Compliment and a lot of words from such a person. I slept well that night. During my career I directly saved two lives of one person who would have bee swept away and perhaps ended up in the Guld of Mexico after a 45 min phone conservation with me manning a flood hot line where she wanted to wade out into the foot deep water (flowing at xsx mph and would have swept her away never to be seen again, and before I let her off the phone I knew I had her promise she would let her $300 canoe go and not try to retrieve it. In another case, a D9 Catepillar Bulldozer operator built a pile of graded dirt almost directly under one of our 138,000 Volt transmission lines and I caught it visually and on film. His pile of dirt was already too close to the conductor, but add a 12 foot high caterpillar on top of that and he was in life/death danger. I got as many people involved , it being the end of the day, but at some 6:00 AM the next morning a Safety Department Rep was on the spot and even offered to train the superintendent's people, but they declined. But, they had to gingerly move the pile of dirt farther away from the transmission line and did so without inscident. If the bulldozer operator would have kept going and added another 5-8 feet to the pile, which was his plan, he would have been very dead right now. I slept fairly well after that too.
  • The Universi;y of Texas at Austin, College of Engineering
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  • Independent - Concerned with the issue of security of Transmission Substations & Transmission Lines
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