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Ken Barnes
Too many thinks. Not enough drinks.
Too many thinks. Not enough drinks.

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I will totally help you update this. 

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Thanks, Guy On The Internet. 

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Uh, yeah. Hell yeah. I'm in. 

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Makes me tear up a little. 
FALLACY REF is the best collection of memed logical fallacies in the history of memed logical fallacy collections.

I did some quick Google sleuthing and could not find the original source, but [EDIT] I have been told it is the creation of Glen Welch, to whom my sincerest thanks. (His originals can be found on Facebook, but please, be kind and don't break the internet if you visit his page!)

Now go. Share. Fill the internet with logic awareness. Future generations will thank you.

H/t to +Jane Skau​ for bringing this wonderfulness to my attention!

#logicalfallacies   #meme  
Fallacy Ref
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The dreams or altered states of neural networks. It is still blowing my mind that the oddities appearing in these pictures are generated visualizations, not archived images. 

When your Roomba pulls a knife on you and starts blipping about dog faces coming out of your chest, are you going to be able to talk it down? Are you prepared for that future?

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Can't tell yet, but this might be an important film for a number of reasons.

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Choice quotes:

...the message added that there would be consequences for those who didn’t follow instructions, and that Uber would track drivers’ GPS devices (i.e., personal phones) to make sure they comply. These measures, reports the WSJ, are intended to “maintain social order.”

An Uber spokesperson in Beijing told Quartz that “we firmly oppose any form of gathering or protest, and we encourage a more rational form of communication for solving problems.”

There are upsides to dealing with a privatized service. There are also downsides. 

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Metal helps me understand bluegrass. 

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Mallory Ortberg is a national treasure.
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