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Adam Sanders
Sports card blogger, dad, and husband
Sports card blogger, dad, and husband

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Card Shop Chronicles: Lebanon Candy and Sports Cards
It's not often that a new card shop pops up these days so when I heard about Lebanon Candy and Sports Cards at the most recent Nutter Center card show, I knew I had to stop in and check them out.  Situated right off the main drag through downtown, the place...

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Ripping Some Racing Cards
Has there ever been a product from a sport you don't necessarily collect that you've really wanted to get? That's the way it is for me with the 2017 Donruss racing cards. Now, I'm not an avid NASCAR watcher but I do watch a race from time to time, mainly th...

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Baseball, Racing, and ... Freddy Krueger?
As you saw in my previous post, last weekend I attended the card show at the Nutter Center. However, that wasn't the only card related thing I did. After the show, I headed over to TCI Sports Fan, a card shop I've written about before in my "Card Shop Chron...

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Nutter Center 25th Anniversary Card Show Recap
This past Saturday was the 25th anniversary of the monthly card show at the Nutter Center. Lately, this show has become my show of choice to attend simply because it's easy to get to and it's not overly crowded. A while back, I specifically earmarked this s...

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Forgotten Players of Pigskin Past
At one time or another, everyone has to do a card purge. That's what Colbey of Cardboard Connections is currently doing and he's offering up some quality pigskin cardboard currently to be claimed, no strings attached. While I'm not really a football collect...

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Mail Call!
A sure sign that spring has either sprung or is imminent is the fact that I start sending out mail again. Also, the first big card show of the spring is today too! By the time you read this, I'll already be sorting through cards at the show but before that,...

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Rediscovering My Heritage
I just noticed I haven't posted anything for nearly a week. There's a perfectly reasonable excuse for that however. Last weekend from Saturday through Tuesday, the family and I were on vacation in North Carolina visiting the in-laws (my wife's mom, dad, bro...

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Trade Post Catch-Up: A Cracked Bat
Earlier this year, there was a resurrection. Like a phoenix, Julie of A Cracked Bat rose from the dead and began writing and distributing cards again after a long hiatus. I was one of many recipients of her generosity via an unexpected and super cool PWE. C...

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New Project: 1993 Donruss
Call me crazy but I'm starting another project. Even though I haven't completed the 1984 Topps set yet, I've decided to start building the 1993 Donruss set. Why would I do such a foolish thing when I haven't even completed one set yet? Well, I just felt lik...

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Target Repack #2
When it comes to buying retail, I've definitely been better than I was last year. I've bought zero blasters, hanger boxes, and the like so far but these little repacks though are addicting. As I mentioned in the first repack, for eight bucks (well, $7.99 to...
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