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With Liberty and Justice for All..... Unless You're Black!
“Well, he was caught stealing. He’s a criminal.” Yes. He was stealing, but the wonderful thing about living in this country is that we are innocent until proven guilty by a jury of our peers. An officer of the law is NOT that jury. Michael Brown was accused...

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I really, really like this. I am fat. Yes, there are people who are fatter than I am- that doesn't make me any less fat. But you know what? For the most part, I really like myself the way I am. I have grown, birthed, and nourished five children. I carry them and play with them every day. I am active and strong. My body kicks ass!

I have 2 additional Mother Earth News Fair weekend passes for this weekend. Is anybody interested in them?

Just overheard in my house "What are ya doing buddy?"-Matt
"Murdering People" a WTF sigh from me with a look WTF look of course " this game" -Dawson
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