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Rajagopalan C (Raj)
I lead an Inbound Marketing Services Start Up that helps Businesses - Grow Sales, Generate Leads and Cut Costs
I lead an Inbound Marketing Services Start Up that helps Businesses - Grow Sales, Generate Leads and Cut Costs

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How inbound marketing played out at +Inbound Mantra in 2016?

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Friends, Inbound Mantra is conducting a FREE Webinar on Careers in Inbound Marketing next Wednesday - 23rd Nov at 7 PM IST

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Ding Dong door bell - Price?
The simple ordinary one which will give you the eponymous sound 'Ding Dong' will cost about ₹ 100 . The MRP usually will be in the region of ₹ 115 to ₹ 125. Both the local and the branded ones would be the same. In a recent purchase, I first picked Anchor a...

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Led Bulbs - Buy online or offline?
Shouldn't the natural answer be online? But, you could still get a better deal, offline. That is, if you do not pick the LED Bulb from a superstore or a supermarket. The traditional Sonu Electricals will readily give you a good deal, even if you are not the...

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Philips Stellar bright 13W LED from Vyapar Kendra Gurgaon
After my first LED Lamp purchase , I was determined to find cost-effective ways to buying better LED lamps. This post possibly seals my success with that. Philips Stellar Bright 13W LED lamp B22 The brightness from the earlier Wipro Garnet 14W LED was amazi...

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First LED light bought - Wipro Garnet 14W LED Bulb
Have you been using LED bulbs? I was always keen to, but never took the step. Last month, couple of CFLs expired - a philips one that proved its lifetime and an Akshay Kumar Eveready twisted CFL that disappointed massively. (more about that in a different p...

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It is nothing to do with the movie 'Haider' ;)

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Deep Learning May Mean That, in the Future, Even Googlers Don't Know What's in Their Algorithms

New WB Friday:

This week I'm covering some of the "what might happen in the future" and specifically discussing work from Google's Jeff Dean (see this very cool slide deck he put together: on advanced forms of machine learning that use neural networks to approach artificial intelligence in search.
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