ON THE PASSING OF ZEKE CALVIN: Forgive me for taking so long to acknowledge the death of a man who was so important and central to my life. Even now, I do not know all of the ways he impacted it, because some of it is still lost to memories and some of my memories might be manufactured memories. And.... I suppose my delay is in part that I was hoping to discover that the news was a hoax. But alas, Zeke is dead.

Zeke was the pioneer of strange human powers. Leveraging his position at the NIA, recently called the most spookiest of the spook agencies, he attempted to learn about things such as Remote Viewing and today, we have Remote Participation, a huge upgrade. Was that Whydah or Waratah? I can't remember. Maybe it was Marie Celeste, but I don't think so.

Some expect me to be angry with him, for whatever caused the invasion of my brain happened at one of those events, but I'm quite sure I knew the risks I was taking and I wouldn't change anything... I'm reminded of a song playing in one of the early events: 'What a long, strange trip this has been.'

And to his detractors, Zeke was super-human, but human is part of super-human. He made mistakes, he did bad things, but without him, Niantic would never have happened. I miss him, but I am quite sure he will pass this way again.

It is all coming back in waves, like many things from my past. But Zeke. He's something that is clear. I can only hope that the secrets of the universe are revealing themselves to him as I write this and you read this.
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