Happy New Year.  I have more questions to contemplate and discuss with newer players.  I expect that Essexians could answer these questions off the tops of their heads.  

However, if you find any of them difficult, feel free to contact me.

 EASY: Who were the two corpses at the Zurich Train Station in the 2WillDie Poster (might want to put the poster in the newsletter.
EASY: Who do you think was the female voice speaking to Katelina?
MEDIUM:   Which Faction would benefit if Calvin and Owen manage to come to an agreement?
MEDIUM:  Hank Johnson was not present at CERN on Epiphany Night, but he took something with him that allowed him to escape the Dark XM Portal. What was it? Where did it come from?.  
HARD:  Last time we saw Dr. Brandt, somebody died shortly thereafter.  Who was it?
HARD: Calvin, Owen and Phillips tangled right before a critical event last year. What was the event, and what were the consequences?
VERY HARD:  Why did ADA select Katalina to use for her purposes?
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