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Edgar Allan Wright
It is all a tangled web and we are all spiders.
It is all a tangled web and we are all spiders.


Ah... And on a separate note: +Yik Sheng Lee and +Mustafa Said have already offered 'happy birthday' wishes to me.

My appreciation. May there be many more years.

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It appears that I am far from the only one contemplating Mind Palaces. Excellent Scholarship. Currently, I am analyzing the relationship between individual and shared mind palaces. Mr. Dille had an idea that a magnus was a way to cojoin mind palaces to form a dimensional node (world) representing each of the Archetypes. Is this plausible?

I have been researching the logs from Aftermath of Via Obscura and I came upon an unusual phrase: "Touched by the Lima." What does this mean?

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As always, your research, yesterday was extremely impressive. Slightly different topic today, but you will soon see how it reconnects. As I was reassembling my mind, I turned to the ancient practice of building a memory or mind palace in much the way Cicero suggests. It helps to place and organize things. To make order of chaos. To associate mental artifacts in place and in time.To reconstruct (or construct) a reality.

My mind palace is quite comprehensive, but always growing. Many of the rooms within it are Anomalous Areas or, at least my construct of them. Some are more mundane.

And I realize that the construct of a mind palace is not unlike remote participation. Here is the question. Is a mind palace really a real place in an inaccessible region? If we think it, does it exist? Can others visit or even rob from it like it were a museum?

As it appears that Misty is rising on the Essex Radar, a couple questions come to mind... Have we identified either the assassin or whoever hired the assassin to kill her at the Magic Castle AND, do we know who assassinated the Assassin.

I am not sure that any of this was ever resolved. I am hoping that I am wrong. I am curious about her 'demons'. It seems that historically magicians have been plagued by demons (I conclude this after a study of vintage magic posters). And what is the relationship between demons and exogenous entities?

Forgive me for so many questions.

Forgive me if I have asked this before, but I am trying to figure out what we have heard from Tycho since his appearance at Comic-Con 2012. As we are nearing the 5 year mark, it would not surprise me if we were to hear from him again.

Do we know if and how he escaped from the NIA?

I have received an anonymous scholarly tip that the Essex might have made a stop in San Diego before heading to San Francisco. I have no checked the ship's log, but it would be a fascinating development as San Diego was also the first place where Tycho Appeared. It would not surprise me if there was an anomalous zone in that area at that time. In fact, I am beginning to believe that Anomalous Zones are much more common than we might have previously believed. The question is where the Niantic might have landed and what was present in that period. Perhaps it was a routine stop o a long voyage or perhaps there was other meaning. I am having trouble getting the idea that Fletcher and Harlan might have met, but the timelines might not allow for that.

I welcome any insights you might have.

It has occurred to me that it was nearly 5 years ago that Tycho appeared at Comic-Con and accosted +flint dille on the Buck Rogers panel. But there are some parts of his story that remain mysterious to me. As we all remember, he was led away from the San Diego Convention center in vans that looked somewhat similar to 1331 and to the best of my knowledge, has never been seen again.

But his work has emerged in the form of the graphic novel and, I believe other things. I do not know if he was the artist of the archetype cards. I vaguely remember hearing that he had escaped from the NIA, but that might not be true.

And, of course, there is the mystery of Tycho's true identity. Was the man we saw at Comic-Con the real Tycho? Was he 'a' Tycho? Was he an impostor?

What are we to make of Tycho as we near the fifth anniversary of his appearance and was some could argue was the public beginning of the Niantic Investigation?

Has anybody in Essex or other Tracker groups experimented with Remote Participation in areas not seen in Camp Navarro? It would be fascinating to know what could be revealed or altered if we were to visit places like Persepolis, the Afghan Anomaly or even Ada of Caria's Halicarnassus ruins. Has anybody assembled the compromised assets from the Navarro event? It would be fascinating to see them.

It had occurred to me, after meditating on the Trickster Techthulhu from 13MAGNUS: Reawakens, that it would be very valuable to re-establish contact with +Misty Hannah, both in her present incarnation and through remote participation in the Tiki Bar somewhere in 2012 or perhaps back the Whydah and Marie Celeste as I seem to recall that both of those symposiums delved into Remote Participation. For reasons that might be obvious to some, I hesitate, because of my own fragile psychic condition and, of course, whatever disruptions I might cause in this or other versions of our dimensional node.

I need to ask this. For those of you who participated in the remote participation event at Navarro, I ask this: are you having any unusual experiences has your node seemed in any way unstable?
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