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How do people feel about playing Sunday August 6th, at 12 eastern?

I just wanted to be like all of the cool kids and have my own G+ Community.

Also, run games, I want a place to organize the games I'll run.

Sunday is my preferred day to run things, hence the name, but I'm not bound by it.

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Why isn't there more cannibalism going on in Lamentations games?

"The medicinal use of human body parts was at its peak in the seventeenth century when it was used for such diseases as epilepsy, arthritis, sciatica, warts, reproductive difficulties, skin blemishes, and impotence to name a few. Cannibal healing magic was particularly favoured in England."

BitC general interest thread

I saw that registrations came up for BrigadeCon 2017, did I miss GM/Player signups?

If not, I'd like to run a game for charity this year, but I'm not in the Facebook Group. Is that going to be an issue?


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I'm bored, so +Ray Otus can have my #crapwizard too.

The ending of season five, of Wentworth...!

Try as I might, I can't seen to get the search function to work in a useful way, here on G+.

Not so long ago someone posted a blog link, I think, about training monsters and pets, I can't remember who, or find it.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about, and have a link?

The creases. The Creases... THE CREASES!!!!!!!

+Michael Clarke Thanks, man!

Scenic Dunnsmouth arrived in stellar condition. Had he not mentioned the creases in his post, I'd never have noticed them. Hell, even though I knew they were there, it took a minute to find them.

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Eight Unique(mundane) Items Stolen From the Shipping Company

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