Hi everyone,MoodleMoot Australia 2015, Melbourne, 6-8 July 2015. Come and book into our session on Monday 6th July

Personalising learning with Mahoodle

Mahoodle is the integration of Mahara with Moodle to allow users to log into Moodle and have a direct link to their Mahara ePortfolio. The panel will be discussing and answering questions regarding how their organisations use Mahara to complement Moodle, the uptake by staff and students and how it is being used for assessment. They will also discuss some of the issues faced with the integration of the two systems and how they were resolved.
Presenters will be from both Metropolitan and Regional TAFEs together with the University of Canberra providing an overview of how they are using Mahoodle. They will talk about the key strategies of how they implemented Mahara, the challenges they face (including technical challenges), how they are overcoming these challenges and the benefits to the learners in personalising their learning and their assessment.
Representatives will include Christine Nicholas from GOTAFE, Tania McDonald from SuniTAFE, Lu Butler from South West TAFE, Julianne Seaman from Boxhill TAFE and Wangchen from the University of Canberra.
There will be an opportunities to ask questions to the panel to allow further discussion.
Presented by...Christine Nicholas GOTAFE, Tania McDonald SuniTAFE, Lu Butler South West TAFE, Julianne Seaman Boxhill TAFE  and Wangchen University of Canberra

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