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Christine Locke
Writer, Fiction reviewer, Store Manager, Coffee Lover
Writer, Fiction reviewer, Store Manager, Coffee Lover

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Can't wait...
Stephen King's 'IT' Official Poster

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Book Riot's #ReadHarder Challenge: My List by Christine Locke
This week, I'm putting together my personal list for the Book Riot 2015 Reading Challenge.  Guess What?  I'm also lucky enough to teach a class in critical reading, and my students will be using this list to creative their own--we're calling it a "Reading S...

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#FridayReads: Summer Book Reviews by Christine Locke
Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott I had such a strange relationship with this book.  If you've read much of what I write or tweet or facebook share about writing, you know that my favorite writing book is Stephen King's On Writing , mostly because I found it to b...

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Dry Spells: Downtime and the Creative Life by Christine Locke
CarlChick/Shutterstock It's a gorgeous summer, one that I planned to spend writing.  And I am writing, but not like I did last year or even the year before that.  In an unusually rainy southern summer, I'm in the middle of a dry spell. I'm not the first to ...

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What to Do/What Not To Do: The Bookblog Query, by Christine Locke
My beloved grandfather used to make a joke after his retirement.  He used to say that, having done it all now, he would be writing two books for the betterment of future generations: What To Do and What Not To Do. He was a funny guy, and the French accent h...

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A Course in American Philosophy & Influences, or The 11th Grade Classical Education Reading List
My daughter, who is entering eleventh grade this year, has quite a  reading list.  This is usually the case for students completing a classical education, and I will list these and more under our "eleventh grade" list soon.  However, this year I am trying s...

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My Calvert School Experience, Part One by Christine Locke
They're wonderful, just in case you were wondering if my take would be positive.  For me, Calvert was a  fantastic way to start homeschooling. Why?  And if they were so great, why did I switch to a classical curriculum I must design myself?  I'll get to all...

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Reviewed in this post: Amy Tan, Stephen King's latest, and two by J. K. Rowling--one of them surprised me!

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#FridayReads: May/June Book Reviews, Part 1 by Christine Locke
Yes, I AM alive!  I know.  It's been three months.  I don't really want to talk about it, except to say: water heater leaking, rental house damage, water heater spraying, severe storms in my home state, rental house repair...enough said.  I'm back on my rea...
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