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Kate Chapman
Maps, OpenStreetMap and chickens
Maps, OpenStreetMap and chickens

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I'm helping with the +OpenStreetMap application this year!
We've just announced that we plan to hold Google Summer of Code 2013!

Historically, Google Summer of Code has brought together nearly 6,000 students with over 300 open source projects to create millions of lines of code. We’re looking for mentors and students to join us in making 2013 the best Summer of Code yet!

The Google Summer of Code program is designed to encourage student participation in open source development. Kicking off in 2005, the program has several goals:

• Inspire young developers to begin participating in open source development
• Provide students in Computer Science and related fields the opportunity to do work related to their academic pursuits during the summer
• Give students more exposure to real-world software development scenarios (e.g., distributed development, software licensing questions, mailing-list etiquette, etc.) 
• Get more open source code created and released for the benefit of all
• Help open source projects identify and bring in new developers and committers

We’ll be offering successful student contributors a 5,000 USD stipend, enabling them to focus on their coding projects for three months. This program is done completely online. Students and mentors from more than 100 countries have participated in past years.

Google will accept applications from open source projects from March 18–March 29, 2013. Student applications will be accepted from April 22–May 3, 2013.

Find full details on requirements for participating, including how to apply and info on the all-important t-shirt at We hope you'll consider participating as a student, mentor, or organization, or just spreading the word about this great program!

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Come chat about Workshops and Code Sprint ideas for this years FOSS4G

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The oh so important research section in the burrito Wikipedia article should really be expanded.

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Mansinam Island, West Papua, Indonesia 
31 Photos - View album

Things I find myself saying very early this morning 'this island better be Aaaammmmaaazzing'

The Internet and I seriously need to get on the same sleep schedule. 

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New application to see who is mapping in #OpenStreetMap nearby. Far easier than previous tools.

I appreciate that Google+ let's me know that I know 5 people in space.

Oh yeah, you.

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I think we should have t-shirts that say "never trust the internet...." and on the back it would say "connection." Great day though!
Trained OpenStreetMap and QGIS to 66 students today with +Vasanthi Hargyono and also helped by +Kate Chapman . Though the internet was the main problem (as usual), I think all students are ready to map Jakarta for better flood readiness!! Thank you for Department of Geography University of Indonesia for being a good host so far!
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