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Please obey the law at all times.  Thank you.

Had my best round of Battlefield 3 Online Multiplayer today... 10 kills, normally I get between 2 and 4 kills

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Just added Star Host Design to Google Plus Pages... Add it to your circle

PhpMoneyBooks, the Free web-based alternative to QuickBooks:

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Looks pretty fast?

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Check out the new Southside Marine website.

YAY!! A 5 day weekend. I need the extra time off, not going back to work until Monday! :)

Izzy slept 'till 10:20 and then woke up crabby when the phone rang.

Sometimes I wish I was forced to take a few weeks off of work like many state employees are...

Google+ needs something for businesses like the facebook fan pages. That is one area Facebook could really improve so here would be a good chance for Google+ to do a better job on.
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