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Ted Brooks
Trial Consultant (High Profile, High Stakes, Complex Litigation); Law Technology & iPad Writer; Speaker; Cyclist - Offices in LA & SF
Trial Consultant (High Profile, High Stakes, Complex Litigation); Law Technology & iPad Writer; Speaker; Cyclist - Offices in LA & SF

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The Cost of Trial Experience
The Vanishing Civil
Jury Trial - In case you’re the only one who hasn’t noticed, there seems to
be a trend toward keeping litigation matters away from the eyes of a jury. This
means fewer trials in the courts, followed by fewer attorneys with trial

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2017 Greatest Hits
We’ve shared a few “Greatest Hits” lists over the years, and
so here’s the next installment. Although we get a great deal of traffic from
Google and other web searches, we also have our “Top 10 This Week” list, a
blog-specific Search feature, and of course,...

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Demonstratives: Making Effective Graphics for Trial
I frequently use Microsoft PowerPoint to create and display
demonstrative graphics used in Opening Statements, Closing Arguments, and with
Expert Witnesses. Although professional graphic artists also use tools such as
Adobe’s Illustrator and Photoshop, in t...

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$haring Trial Support Costs
Regardless how large your trial may be,
saving your client a little money is usually a good thing -- at least when it
doesn't come at the cost of compromised quality (or malpractice). Here are a
few possible ways to reduce some of your trial costs.  Joint T...

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Trump Deposition: Synced Version Now Available Online
In an example of what has been the most entertaining election cycle in history, yet another tidbit has been served up for all to enjoy - the deposition video of Donald J. Trump, taken June 6, 2016. Regardless of your political preferences, once I heard this...

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No Bull
If you happened to catch the premiere episode of "Bull” this past Tuesday night on CBS , you may have an opinion and understanding of modern jury consulting.
Then again, you might have a somewhat inaccurate perception of what can
actually be accomplished wi...

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Trial Technology in Silicon Valley
In preparing recently for a Silicon Valley trial, I had an
opportunity to check out our courtroom. Well, I should say, I made an opportunity, as we typically
want to know of any potential “surprises” before they become “emergencies,” and
because I was infor...

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Trial Tech Tips - Electronic Exhibit Stickers
Trial Tech Tips - Electronic Exhibit Stickers Since most courts prefer to have parties pre-mark their
trial exhibits these days, we typically create a PDF set of trial exhibits with electronic stickers on the first page. These can easily be printed or

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Yes you can!
A paintbrush in the hands of an artist can help illustrate a
vision, while someone else might just make a gooey mess of paint. The brush is
a tool, while the resulting product is a work of the artist. Although some will
hate it, and others cannot live witho...
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