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Pete Incurlers
I love vintage hairdressing - rollers, wetsets, dryers etc
I love vintage hairdressing - rollers, wetsets, dryers etc

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Have been adding more setting patters to to my "never ending post":

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Setting Patterns
I thought I would try an almost never-ending post. This will be setting patters, but instead of doing it all at once I will add to it every day or so. The first setting patterns are from 1968 "Over 200 New Setting Patterns".   More to come ....

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The Good Old Days (1 of 2)
If you search Facebook, there are a number of  huge comment streams under photos with questions like "Do you remember brush rollers" . Here are some of those comments which give a wonderful window into 1950s, 60s and 70s hairdressing at home.  (Note: photos...

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Roller Piks (Picks or Pins)
I thought I would start the year with a posting about roller piks aka picks or pins, the things you stick though brush or mesh rollers to secure them. Its not as unimportant topic as you might think: the best piks can ensure  a rollerset is comfortable whil...

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Christmas 1974 Hairdos
I have been wanting to do a Christmas Hairdo posting before the season is over and here it is. One thing you can always count on is the December issue of vintage magazines having special Christmas sections featuring somewhat more elaborate hairdos than usua...

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Dryer Nirvana
Here is a most amusing article from 1963 that I stumbled across with google.  Apparently not everyone like the idea soft bonnet dryers that you can wear while you work. I can certainly sympathize: relaxing under a salon dryer is certainly to look forward to...

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1970s German Home Hairdressing
I was lucky enough to pick up a Krups vintage 1970s German hair dryer\  the other day that even came with the instruction booklet. (As always,for a bigger view of the pictures, click in the image with your mouse, then right
click on the image and select Vi...

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Some 1971 Hairdos
Here are some how-to instructions from "New Ideas for Hair Styling" April 1971. (As always for a bigger view, right click with your mouse on the image and select View Image, then left click). Enjoy!

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Dippity-Do Part Two
I was so lucky to come across not one, but three jars of vintage Dippity-do on Ebay at prices much lower than you sometimes see empty vintage Dippity-do jars going for. Perhaps the nicest thing about  having some vintage Dippity-do is  the  absolutely authe...

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Booklet: 75 Hair Styles
I stumbled  across a very old posting of 1960s hairdos and setting patterns  on   Livejournal: Vintage Hair  - Hairstyles for vintage enthusiasts . It is so old and buried that I thought it would be a good idea to reprint here, particularly since old websit...
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