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Andrew Boydston
The main thing is to keep the main thing, the main thing.
The main thing is to keep the main thing, the main thing.

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787-10 New MOM on the block?

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There Is A New Mom on The Block 787-10
Yes, you read it right, the
787-10 is Asia’s MOM and here's why: Groomed for 330 seats Range 6,450 miles 25% fuel efficiency improvement over models it Replaces (777-200). What gives with the MOM (middle of the market) moniker? Well
Boeing has been deciding...

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Finding Nemo The Flying Fish
The pursuit of the Holy Grail is
a much related story by classic writers and movie promoters. In that same mold
came the Disney movie Finding Nemo, a story of a fish who lost his way in the
deep blue ocean and searched for his home. As vast as the ocean the...

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Stealing away the thin Wide body Segment by Boeing

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Part of The Game is Stealing The Wide Body Market
Airbus learned a long time ago as
in the 1990's to bring to market a new concept before its competitor could as
found in the single aisle market with its NEO A-320's had during the years
2010-2016. It romped over Boeing bursting out with more than 5,000 uni...

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The Art of The Canadian F-35 Deal
US President Donald Trump is in a position
to make a deal with Prime minister Trudeau of Canada, AKA the Canadian government's
winner of its national election who had no idea Trump would be the US President.
Trudeau believed his deal making would be validat...

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Trump launches 787-10 with Boeing

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Trump Take Aways During 787-10 Introduction
Donald Trump showed both style
and substance today in a unique back drop of the 787-10 parked outside the
giant factory doors at Boeing Charleston SC facility. The site will be the only
producer of the 787-10. It is the last in a series of 787 models to be ...

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Fig. 1 Chart YTD Battle of the books: Airbus and Boeing

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Dabbling Spreadsheets Airbus Boeing
Below is some spreadsheet doodling’s
from reliable sources outside of Boeing. The snapshot below will be used each month recapping many of the
quick and dirty details regarding the commercial airplane competition between
Airbus and Boeing. Items of interest...
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