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Tim Valenta
"I apparently make a very convincing idiot."
"I apparently make a very convincing idiot."

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Oops. Broke my first phone screen just now. #iBelieve 

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Kind of a shame that Google Voice is so bad at the mechanics of sms and mms.  I'm basically not even trying to use it for anything but calls anymore.

OMFG, iCloud drive just ate my document.  Sync'd an old version and lost me 8,000+ words worth of content.

Hooooollly cow.  I'm done with that.

I don't understand why services like iTunes, having access to my music library, doesn't have an opt-in program for listing upcoming (pre-order) albums from artists in my library that have 4+ star ratings.

Too scared to install the Windows 10 tech preview on the main work horse computer, but the laptop seems to like it well enough.  HUGE HOORAY for the installation being delivered via an actual Windows Update.

Trying to curb my habit of ordering a pizza during the day when I'm not sure what to do for lunch.  Chrome's new tab page has starting putting the pizza site on my recommended sites though, and I'm drowning in pizzas.

Windows 10 announcement says that it'll be a free upgrade for a year, from Windows 7 or 8, and then in follow up the guys says "oh and it's so much more—we'll even give you security updates"

And I'm like... wtf else did you expect we thought?  What on earth would be valuable about you upgrading me from 7 to 10 if you just stranded me there, as if I've stolen a copy and don't have a valid key?

I'm glad they're doing this, but it got pitched like they're doing us a favor by giving what I think most of us would consider a baseline experience.

Stuff like that scares me when I think what debate may have happened internally for them to arrive at this very generous gift of security updates.

Continuously stunned at how broken the world of windows driver installation can be.  Ho. ly. crap.

Thing says I have an update, so I install.  Check software, it claims I'm still on old version.  wtf.  I'll uninstall the thing and try again.  Now installer says it can't work.  Die in a fire, driver.  Just go die in a fire.

I just had one of these moments where I realized...

My internet connection can download this Windows ISO faster than the laptop's USB port can move it to this usb stick.

Glad I don't have to do this very often...
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