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Hey everyone- it's LittleBigFund's second month, this time with a focus on Creators and Educators. Even a small donation will make a big difference- chip in a bit (or more than a bit!) for a very good cause!
Our Creators & Educators month has kicked off!
Check out the three amazing nonprofits:

Creators change our world for the better. They teach us how to innovate, think different, and educate others. This month we're thrilled to announce that we're supporting organizations that educate in an innovate way. Whether it's adapting classic plays for preteens, placing educators into schools, or running a space to create, these three organizations are at the top of their games and community staples.

The three organizations featured this month are:
+By Any Dreams Necessary - Facilitating arts education
+BIG FUN education - Nurturing education innovations
+LA Makerspace - Creating tinkerers

You can read all three stories on our website :: :: and donate to create July's fund. Once you donate, vote for the organization that you think should receive the fund you and others created together. The organization with the most votes gets the entire fund and your small contribution makes a big difference.

Last month we raised over $1,000. Let's show the world that working together creates a better experience for us all.

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LittleBigFund has launched! is live! Make a big impact to little charities
Check it out and donate now here:

The time has finally come! is live and open for business! We're featuring three amazing #LGBT  organizations this month on a site that I know you'll love. Go read their stories, donate to create a big fund together, and then vote on which organization you think is most deserving of the fund. The one with the most votes receives the fund and you make a huge impact with only a few bucks. Crowdfunding and storytelling mix to enable charitable passions.

We've vetted these nonprofits, worked with them directly to tell their story, and will return a story back to you, our donors, with how the organization who received the fund used it. Your reward is knowing that you made a difference, not a tote bag. We facilitate the process. It's up to you to participate. 

Help us get the word out!
Today's a really important day for us. We want LittleBigFund to blow people away when they hear about how much we raised this weekend. We rely on you guys for that! This whole process is all about you. Whatever sharing and hashtagging of #LittleBigFund  you can do (especially if you can't donate) will really pay off!

What's the LittleBigFund all about?
Read our launch press release here: not yet optimized for mobile. We know. We're working on it ;)

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The LittleBigFund is looking for a web developer. Let us know if you are interested!
Developer wanted for +The LittleBigFund!

Earlier today I had to make the tough decision to start looking a new developer after realizing that +Brian Tomlinson needed to focus on his own life and success before helping me. It was the right move for both of us. So, what am I looking for exactly?

I'm looking for a developer who can create a voting plugin for Wordpress  maintain the site, and get it up and running. I don't expect this to be a huge time commitment and should be treated as side project. What I can offer is an awesome spot on your resume via a contracted position and 30% of donations to the operating revenue of LBF (whatever the ends up being). If you think you might be interested let me know! Would love to tell you more :)

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Best animated gif...EVAR! #space  

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I am excited to be sharing in the announcement of The LittleBigFund, founded by our very own Carter Kel Gibson!

Each month, the LittleBigFund will focus on different humanitarian topic and spotlight three carefully chosen nonprofits working within that area. Throughout the month, the story of each organization's goals and journey will be shared. Small donations will be raised, forming a fund, and donors will vote, giving the community the choice of which nonprofit to direct the collective fund to each month for maximal impact.

It has been awesome watching Carter's excitement and drive turn this idea turn into reality! Simone Syed and I are honored to have been asked to be on the board for The LittleBigFund, and we are excited to do all we can to contribute to its success!
Announcing my nonprofit, +The LittleBigFund
Launching Summer. Subscribe to updates here:

Today I'm literally ecstatic to announce my nonprofit, The LittleBigFund. I've been extremely lucky that I've been able to accomplish what I have here through hard work, but I felt the need to do more. My words weren't enough. I had to take my constant commitment to do good to the next level. So, with all of your support, I founded a nonprofit to empower community organizations and charitable passions.

With so much buzz surrounding huge, administration-heavy nonprofits and one-time projects, I created The LittleBigFund to bring the neighborly feeling of accomplishment back to charitable giving. It will empower donors to feel that they can make a meaningful impact within their means through collective action. I'm sick of marketing stunts people forget about, people disengaging immediately after a donation, and large organizations with huge amounts of overhead and unachievable goals. Donations need to mean something more than a tote bag or water bottel. I want to reward people for donating within their means by telling the stories of community based organizations with reasonable goals fighting to be noticed. People are good. If we work together we can be great.

It works in the following way: The LittleBigFund facilitates a process that is mutually beneficial for donors and nonprofits. It will collect little charitable donations to form a big fund. At the end of every month, donor vote determines which of three pre-curated nonprofits the fund is given to. Each month will be dedicated to a humanitarian topic featuring three nonprofits preselected by The LittleBigFund. The stories of each will be told throughout the month while donors vote on which nonprofit they feel would best benefit from the donation. A commitment to storytelling before and after voting rewards passion while keeping donors engaged month to month. While only one nonprofit receives the fund in an effort to assure that the donation making the overwhelming impact it should, all three receive exposure to a wider online audience and a heartfelt tale of their journey and goals (can't wait for the fund to be big enough to give to more organizations!). Donors are able to support a cause in a much larger capacity than they would have alone. 

From now until the launch I'll be building trust with you all. I'm not going to rush into this. Asking for money is a big deal and through The LittleBigBlog ( ) I'll be explaining the processes, values (including transparency, humanity, storytelling, & more), and structure of the organization. I want you to feel confident recommending this organization to your friends. I have a fantastic board of 11 featuring many prominent member of the Google+ community here to help guide this process. Additionally I'm honored to have the assistance of +Brian Tomlinson as my lead developer and +Alexander Parker to design the website (more on that soon).

I owe literally everything to every one of you who have every trusted me. I refuse to let you down. My history of working at nonprofits (Ad Council, Helpsgood) led me here, but without everything you all have taught me, this wouldn't be a reality. I am the CEO of my own state-recognized nonprofit and I plan to use Google+ as the primary force behind building community. With that said...

Circle The LittleBigFund here:

This is the start of what will prove to be an exceptional journey. I couldn't think of a better group of people to start it with. Thank you in advance for you support and know that you don't go under appreciated. #LittleBigFund  


Read the full press release:

If you have questions or would like to interview me, feel free to let me know or reach me at or 757.339.2410

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+Garrett Lisi Hopefully you stay occupied enough when the surf is small that you don't resort to trying to understand the nature of frogs in Maui :)
No comment!  Seriously, no comment!  :)

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Our Mars Party was a phenomenal success! Thanks to everyone who joined us to make it an incredible evening!

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Come to BIL next month! The speaker lineup is already amazing!

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+Katie Coffman you have trained your daughter well ;)

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If you are in Southern California and find space interesting, you have to check out SpaceUp San Diego!
Register now for SpaceUp San Diego 2012! Can you believe it's 2012 already? The future's so different it's crazy.
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