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Unlimited professional support to foreign stand contractors and agencies on all European venues
Unlimited professional support to foreign stand contractors and agencies on all European venues


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Determine your best staff & booth size

Figure out your staff size
Your booth team size is primarily determined by one of your primary objectives, the expected or aimed number of qualified booth visitors and not by the attractiveness of the show hosting city.

For a serious first booth talk with a preliminary qualified visitor we calculate about 10 to 15 minutes on average. Within this time frame you must establish a preliminary personal relation to the attendee. You must grade him and investigate his real needs and requirements. And at the end you have to find a mutual agreement about the next steps to proceed after the show.

On a daily average each staff member can handle 3 visitor talks per hour. Now you take the daily show opening hours and deduct 1.5 hours of unproductive times for breaks and low frequented first and last thirty minutes of the show day. And here is your basic formula.

Total number of desired new leads + client talks
----------------------------------------------------------------------- = Staff size
Number of show days * net hours per day * 3

You must be aware that certain trade shows………Read it all on my blog.

Perfect booth size
Don’t care about the booth sizes of your competitors. Often it’s a little dirty trick of the show sales representatives arguing with the larger booth sizes of competitors in order to sell you a larger booth than really needed. …

For each staff member AND his visitor you have to calculate now at least 4 sqm. Here is an example for a four employee staff:

16 sqm for 4 staff member, each with 4 sqm
6 sqm for 1 closed or separated meeting zone
4 sqm for 1 storage with pantry and hostess
2 sqm for 1 exhibit

28 sqm Total space as minimum

If you consider the above staff size sample calculation you would be able to generate 270 qualified fresh leads with a 28 sqm booth and a 4 people stand team within three show days…..

Read this complete comprehensive post (> 1,000 words) at
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The ISM Strategy for the Exhibition Industry

The marketing game has changed significantly. Fortunately most of your competitors did not really understand this paradigm shift until now. 

The reality is that the internet has transformed the buying and order process. For consumers and business people. Worldwide. Your prospects actively hunt online for solutions to their business problems. Of course also for new suppliers to build their next trade show booth. They are better informed and more educated about exhibition stands than ever before.

Today, your role as a marketer and sales man is similar to a publisher. You must produce and deliver valuable and easy readable content when and where your prospects need and require it.  This is “ISM” = Infocational Support Marketing.

What works is focusing on your prospects problems and desires. What fails is force-feeding facts and messages about your services. 

Read more about ISM on
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Lower East European stand building labour cost versus higher quality stands? 

Are these really the correct equations? 

Low local East European stand builder wages = crappy, unreliable stands? 
High local West European stand builder wages = excellent, perfect booths? 

Let us give you now some comprehensible evidence of our main statement that lower-cost East European exhibition workers can really create reliably high quality exhibition stands all over Europe…..

Read the complete article and take a close look at more than 50 European exhibition stands. All have been completely produced and installed by experienced reliable East European stand contractors.

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Benefit from gigantic differences in European labour cost 

One big advantage of the European Community is the intensified border-free competition within most service branches, also in the European exhibition industry. 

You could also benefit from that extremely different labour cost situation within the European Union , but you should do with a sense of proportion and a sense of reality and try to get support from people who know that European market in detail.

Here are some official country average total labour cost per hour data for 2013 in Euro:

Sweden   43,90   Belgium 41,90   France 35,85
Germany 33,95   Italy        27,75   UK 21,85
Spain        21,85  Czech R 10,20   Hungary  7,75
Poland        7,10  Romania   4,35  Bulgaria  3,35

Therefore in Europe a “nearby” location of the contractor to the venue does not automatically mean that your total cost will go down. Only the shipment cost will be lower, but the one-way truck shipment cost for a complete large 13m truck load from Poland to Western Europe is just 1 Euro per kilometre. This means around 800 Euro for such a fully loaded truck from Poznan, Poland to Frankfurt, Duesseldorf or Cologne in Germany.

You have always to compare the arising total cost, the different working mentalities and qualities etc. But you need to select your partners carefully. As everywhere in the world also in East Europe there are low quality contractors with low reliability on the market.

Read it all and download the complete official labour cost report directly (without email address grabbing) from my blog
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How to Save Money at Exhibitions - First Actions 

We are all complaining about the continuously increasing cost for participating in exhibitions and trade shows, no matter where in the world the show takes place. The reasons for this are complex and varied, but certainly the progressive concentration in the global trade show service market plays here an important role. 
From my point of view, for example the increasing market share and power of GES (in Europe formerly known as Melville) will become a serious threat to all independent exhibition contractors and also to cost-conscious exhibitors all over the world.
But nevertheless there are still different types of actions available to reduce your exhibition expenses …………….
• Keep on tracking the early bird dates and pricing- If you want to save your exhibition expenses, and then try to get benefits by the early bird dates and pricing………

• Try to avoid using the services of the officially appointed suppliers and vendors of the show organizers wherever possible……… 

• Choose your stand building partner carefully. There are many reliable ones out there which keep their promises and do not increase the originally quoted cost in the final invoice with some dirty tricks. But unfortunately you can also find those who understand exhibition contracting as a sort of legalized street robbery…..

• Start your contractor inquiries as early as possible. The later you discuss and finalize designs and quotes the more expensive ………

• Rethink your preferred booth design self-critical. One cost-successful design concept is: “form follows function”. Don’t try to build your personal monument on the show floor………….

• Last point is the evaluation of the real true value of your personal or your employees working time. How much additional profit could you or they generate instead in those setup hours (or days) when using this time to talk to more prospects or clients………….

Read it all at

#exhibitionbudget    #tradeshow   #exhibition
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How to Get More Traffic to Your Exhibition Stand 

Exhibiting is still one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to reach new customers and grow your business. And almost every exhibitor is keen for more visitor traffic to his booth. Right?

More attendees taking a view at your booth and your presentation activities is one of the most popular and most effective strategies for achieving a better ROI for your participation in the #exhibition or #tradeshow. Now there is a bundle of successful ways to achieve this:

First of all, don’t forget to invite your existing clients and prospects to visit your booth at the show offering them a VIP pass. And invite them more than once using all available communication channels and occasions……

But within this article we will focus on gaining new fresh qualified leads and prospects.

1. Start your exhibit promotion far before the event begins 
Your pre-show marketing is an important key to your exhibition success. Therefore spend some time on setting up a strong pre-show action strategy.

Contact the organizer of your show to find out whether they will publish the list of pre-registered attendees for the exhibitors some weeks in advance…… 

2. Use all available social media marketing channels like a Pro 
There are many different options available on different platforms. I am just mentioning those which I prefer at the moment. Check out whether the organizer has created a special hashtag for the show. If yes, use that hashtag intensively.

Create a specific individual circle on #Google+ for each of your trade shows and …..

3. The miracle of online press releases 
Take advantage of the large market influence and brand visibility by publishing professionally created online press releases. And this is not expensive at all, if you use the right suppliers….

4.  Provide relax, workspace & sockets
Get passers-by into your stand just by offering them a free comfortable place to sit and relax or work for some time… 

5. Edutain the visitor crowd 
Edutain stands for educating and entertaining your booth visitors and passers-by. The primary reason why business people attend exhibitions is to look for new products and services. They are eager to learn about the best solution for their actual business problems……

Read it all here: #tradeshowmarketing   #tradeshowtips   #exhibitionmarketing  
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