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Aubree Strickland

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"Cinnamon" Project
This piece was inspired by Neil Gaiman's short story, "Cinnamon". It's about a girl who is blind and refuses to speak, so her parents, the Rajah and Rani, promise their daughter to anyone who can get her to talk. Many try and fail, but one day a tiger comes...

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Adorable Portrait 2
So, as promised, here's another awesome portrait from the series I found online...I just love this idea!

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Adorable Portrait!
This is from a series of portraits a man did of his daughter in the style of classic paintings. I'll be posting another of my favorites from the series because this is just so cute!

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Wanderings in Wax
This gorgeous eye was drawn with crayon, which I find to be an interesting medium for creating work as detailed as this. I've done something similar before, drawing realistic portraits with crayon. I think it's fun to create fine art with unconventional med...

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