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TGIF and Happy #4thOfJuly! Celebrate your independence today and the freedoms you have! #BeThankful for all you have and who you have! 🇺🇸

Good morning world! 🌅

Happy Sunday! 🙏

Happy #Easter! 🐰

Happy 4/20! 💨

#CountYourBlessings, enjoy family and friends and #BeThankful!

#WakeUp! It's a new day! So try something new, fix something old, call someone out of the blue or make a move that's bold! TODAY is the day!

Good morning! The end of the week is near so have no fear! The weekend's right around the corner! Make the most of today! It comes but once!

Good morning! It's 1 hour later than you thought! No worries though... #time is a concept overhyped... as long as you still got it you're good!

Business is simple. Do what you say & say what you do. Don't be a swindler, give false promises or waste people's time. #Biz101

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Going to see the #Monarch #butterflies tomorrow at #NaturalBridges in #SantaCruz. Their yearly migration is coming to an end. Yup, I'm a #nerd.

There are thousands in the trees turning them golden as they mate & get ready for the next generation of life. #Monarchs

If you live in or visit Northern #California it's a great thing to see from October through February. #MotherNature has so many beautiful gifts.

More information on Natural Bridges in Santa Cruz. If you have kids it's a great trip & they also have tide pools you can check out.

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Check out my girl @SnowThaProduct w/@SnoopDogg on #GGN! Got your #HoodTrackShoes?! @WakeYaGameUp! 
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