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Naperville Dentists | Teethare not like shoes. You can’t tell when they get worn down. So, come and see Dr.Gibson for a consultation.

Naperville Dentists | Women can reduce their risk of gingivitis, gum disease, and tooth loss by making dental visits.

Naperville Dentists | Oral cancer, which used to affect men six times more than women, now affects men only two times as often as women.

Naperville Dentists | Wisdom teeth cause pain and discomfort when they erupt, which is why mostpeople need to have them removed.

Naperville Dentists | Did you know that wisdom teeth arethe last set of molars to arrive in the mouth?

Naperville Dentists – Teeth whitening done in at Smiles by Dr. Gibson takes only an hour, but results canbe seen immediately.

Naperville Dentists - Discolored teeth may be a reason not to smile, yet it’s probably the easiest thing to fix.

Naperville Dentists | A chipped tooth can be corrected by using handcrafted porcelain veneers and dental bonding.

Naperville Dentists | With Invisalign, a beautiful smile can be achieved without metal braces.
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