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Want to see the best autumn content in Midtown? (

We have it all in one convenient post!

Back to basics: chiropractic care (
Chiropractic care is a non-invasive option that involves that manipulation of the spine to treat your nervous system and musculoskeletal system.

Chiropractic care might reduce your need for an opioid prescription (
Opioid prescriptions are frequently getting misused.

Chiropractic care as an alternative therapy for endometriosis (
Endometriosis is a condition where women have debilitatingly painful menstrual cycles.

The best and worst shoes for back pain (
Most people experience back pain in their life, and many times it is directly affected by the shoes that they're wearing.

How one day in New York City can take a toll on your back (
A day in the life of a New York commuter doesn't do good things for your back.

7 weird ways your posture messes with you (
Everyone's posture is different, but there are some clear signs of bad posture, including slouching.

How massage helps heal muscles and relieve pain (
Researchers have long been trying to determine the usefulness of massage.

Is Chiropractic Care A Good Option For You? (
Chiropractic treatment is good for more than simply pain relief.

Staying pain-free in your car (
Since summer is almost over, it's important to think about road trips!

Massage therapy Q&A (
Massage helps improve circulation in your body, including manipulating the ligaments, tendons, and connective tissue.

Hydrate to prevent headaches (
To prevent a headache or a migraine, you need to focus on hydrating more throughout the day!

Lower back pain (
Lower back pain is more than just an annoying condition that definitely doesn't discriminate.

Back pain and traveling (
There are some tips that often depend on the time of your flight.

What happens to your body during a car crash? (
Getting in a high-speed car crash is really awful for your body.

Chiropractic history (
The newest research shows that chiropractic care is effective, safe and cost-efficient.

Chiropractic care for knee pain (
While many people get steroid shots for knee pain, chiropractic care is a valid source of pain relief.

Chiropractic care for nurses (
Being a nurse is a very difficult job.

Standing all day at work could negatively affect your health (
We've talked about ergonomics and how sitting is the new smoking in terms of your health.

Whiplash is treatable (
While whiplash is painful, the good news is that it will heal with proper treatment.

What's a pinched nerve? (
A pinched nerve is when there is nerve pressure, causing pain, numbness, and tingling in the area.

The newest headache technology (
A new wireless patch that contains rubber electrodes and a chip produce electric impulses that will block pain signals from reaching the brain, according to Dr. David Yarnitsky.

The fashion trends that cause back pain (
Oversized handbags and flats are some of the fashion trends that cause issues.

Walking to ease your sciatica (
While walking can help ease your sciatica symptoms, if you have bad form while you're walking, you can make your sciatica symptoms worse!

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Chronic pain can make your day-to-day life miserable. With chronic pain treatment, Better Body Solutions can help patients reduce their daily pain and find relief.
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Physical therapy is beneficial to patients who need to build strength and stability, improve mobility, and/or alleviate chronic pain.

Contact our caring staff for an examination and evaluation of your pain.

Learn more:
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Although some can recover fully after surgery, every patient is different.

Success depends upon your condition, the type and extent of your injury and other factors.

Contact us to determine if therapy is the best treatment option for you.
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A safe work environment is vital to your health.

At Better Body Solutions, we'll ask you questions about your working environment. Our team then makes recommendations on how to improve that aspect of your life.

Request an appointment online:
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Knee Pain

Your knee pain can cause you a great deal of discomfort and prevent you from enjoying common activities like running, and walking long distances. There are many different cause of knee pain including: torn cartilage, inflammation of the tendon, inflammation of the knee joint, altered gait, or arthritis just to name a few.

Getting the best and most effective treatment for your knee pain depends upon the cause. At Better Body Solutions in Midtown East and New York, NY, Dr. Paulina Giraldo will evaluate your pain and determine the course of treatment that’s best for you. It could be massage therapy, chiropractic care, or physical therapy. Each type of therapy serves a different purpose, and it‘s possible that one or more therapy may be recommended.

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Learn more:

Request an appointment online:
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Back Pain Relief

Have your back pain evaluated at Better Body Solutions. Located in Midtown East in New York City, Dr. Pauline Giraldo can evaluate your condition and provide a variety of treatment options tailored to your unique condition. Treatment may include physical therapy, massage therapy or chiropractic care.

Contact Better Body Solutions today.

#backpain #massage #chiropractic

Learn more:

Request an appointment online:
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Need a Chiropractor?

If you seek expert chiropractic care in Midtown East, New York, NY, contact the caring professionals at Better Body Solutions.

Dr. Pauline Giraldo and Dr. Michael Lacey offer expert, compassionate care to patients who are experiencing many types of physical problems. As chiropractors they can effectively treat many different conditions.

#chiropractic #backpain #physical therapy

Learn more:

Request an appointment online:
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Am I supposed to talk to my massage therapist? (

Short answer: You aren't responsible for entertaining your therapist...don't feel like you need to talk to your massage therapist. This time is about you and your wellness.

What if the therapist won't stop talking?
You can say "I'd like to relax and be quiet now." If they don't be quiet, then you can end the session.

How unclothed?
As much as your comfortable. Shiatsu is done clothed.

How much tip?
The norm is 15-20%

There are more questions answered in this article!

#Massage #Midtown #MassageTherapy
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Chronic ear infections? Chiropractic care can help (

Ear infections are a chronic problem for children before they reach five years old.

A case study was done on a 4-year-old male child who had repeated ear infections and had tubes inserted. Doctors recommended a second surgery. Parents went to a chiropractor for help instead.

After just two adjustments, symptoms were decreased, and after the third visit, the parents canceled the scheduled surgery. Researchers believe that proper alignment prevents ear infection and allows the body to better heal.

#Chiropractor #Newark #EarInfections #Children
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