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The Oldest Known Film of the UCD Campus? (262)
Still from the California Sewage Association film linked below. The UCD Department of Special Collections website includes a
selection of “Historic Picnic Day Films,” one of which is reported to contain
“the oldest known footage of campus,” here: https://ww...

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The 1965 UC Davis Picnic Day (261)
1 . L to R: Clark Kerr, Emile Mrak, Pat Brown Browsing Davis topics on eBay, I recently acquired at
auction a reel of 8 mm home movies that included about two minutes of 1965 UCD
Picnic Day scenes. Among other moments and views, there are shots of Pat Brown...

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Davis History 1870-1970 Is a Microcosm of The Most Important Century in Human History? (260)
Robert Gordon’s majestic, thousand-page treatise titled The Rise and Fall of American Growt h is
best known for the argument that rapid economic growth from about 1870 to 1970
was a one-time artifact of a unique conjunction of innovations that cannot and

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Today’s Organizational Websites Foretell a Revolution in the Configuration of Local History? (259)
In studying Davis history, I have sometimes puzzled over what
the detailed stories of various organizations actually were, including those of
even the best known and longest existing entities, such as the Community
Church, the Masons and the Davis Enterpris...

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An Oddly Rare Postcard of Davis’ Larry Blake’s Restaurant/Rathskeller (258)
1.  Virtually all Davis history postcards have been identified
and collected by the half a dozen or so people who work at that arcane hobby/obsession.
Indeed, a good part of the interest in collecting such cards resides in the rarity
of new finds. As one of...

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A 1990s Booklet titled “Downtown Tour of Landmark Trees” (257)
1. Just over 20 years ago, City of Davis staff teamed with volunteer
tree activists to produce a pocket-size booklet titled Downtown Tour of Landmark Trees . I reproduce it here. One can see that it chronicles the locations and features of
16 trees in the n...

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If Enforced, City Waste Container Placement Laws Gobble Up Parking Spaces & Disrupt Parking (253)
Image 1   The City has recently
increased the number of waste containers in its collection system by a whopping
one-third. On the face of it, this is a major expansion of problematic objects
in public places. But, oddly, hardly anyone seems concerned about ...

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Downtown Potholes in 1974 (256)
Image # 1 Davis Enterprise , March 28, 1974 Rummaging through the 1974 Davis Enterprise I happened onto two images of potholes in downtown
alleys that I thought might provide a little perspective on current concerns
about the state of Davis’ infrastructure....
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