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Keith Boone
HIT Standards Geek, Healthcare Consumer
HIT Standards Geek, Healthcare Consumer

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Patient Access: It's coming at you faster than you might think
This crossed my desk this morning via POLITICO: GAO: PEOPLE AREN'T LOOKING AT THEIR ONLINE DATA : The Government
Accountability Office took aim at the accessible data requirement in meaningful
use in a report released Wednesday. The report, requested by the...

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I got my Data
A while back several of us HIT Geeks and e-Patients were having a discussion about HIPAA, patient data access challenges, et cetera.  Prior to that I had written a post connecting the various dots between HIPAA, the Omnibus rule, MIPS and MACRA, and the Cer...

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Principle Driven Design
When you need to get something done quickly, and it's likely to involve a lot of discussion, one of the tactics I sometimes take is to get everyone to agree upon the principles which are important to us, and then to agree that we will apply those principles...

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Art becomes Engineering when you have a Reproducable Process
The complaint that software engineering isn't really engineering because each thing you make is often its own piece of art is often true.  But the real art of software engineering, isn't making one-offs. Rather, it is figuring out how to take simple inputs ...

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Monitor your "improvements"
Sometime last year, to better manage my blog I thought I would try out Google+ Comments on it. It turned out to be a disaster on three fronts: 1.  I could no longer delete inappropriate comments. 2.  Comments must have a Google+ account, a restriction I fin...

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Transforming from a fhir:identifier to V3:II
So this blog entry has been sitting here waiting for me to post something about how to transform FHIR Identifiers into CDA II elements in a way that works 100%.  The DocumentReference resource has an example that shows this content: <masterIdentifier>   <sy...

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An XSLT Design Pattern (and not just for FHIR to CDA conversions)
I have a couple of XSLT design patterns that I've been using and improving over the past decade, which I pulled out again last night to do some FHIR to CDA transformations.  XSLT isn't what you'd call a strongly object oriented language, nor a strongly type...

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Semper et semper ascendens deinceps
Always and always riding forward.  If you remember the original reference, you know what's coming next. I had the honor today of having Wes Rishel in my CDA, XDS and FHIR class today.  Wes was the guy that co-opted my skills for his workgroup (Attachments),...

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The FHIR $relevant Query
So I finally got my implementation of the "$everything" query working on my HAPI Server.  I started this at the FHIR Connectathon whilst waiting for people to hit my server.  It was in response to a need I had to generate a f***-ton of sample data in FHIR f...

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Faking it with the FHIR Basic Resource
The FHIR team created the Basic resource to support extensibility.  It works great except that HAPI only supports one read() method for each resource, and sometimes you have more than one thing for which you need to extend basic. For my needs, I've been loo...
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