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Software Engineer, Student
Software Engineer, Student

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Just published Ruby on Rails 5 Installation Guide for Ubuntu users, primarily for my students. Not a pro in video editing, but seems to work. This guide will save you some time. Don't just copy paste from a single blog post. This is the right way.

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Chris Cornell just died. I liked his Sunshower song. Was 15 or so and liked listening to it a lot. 

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I think you can't buy that. 

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I guess Japanese actors don't age
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Four seasons.
Each Season / 四季折々

The beauty of nature that is represented in the four seasons in Japan. You can enjoy the view of each season from the photography.


1. Kawazu cherry blossoms and Rape blossoms
2. Sunset at Mt. Fuji
3. Azalea in Full Bloom
4. Monet Sunflowers
5. Invited to the Sea Breeze

I would like to renew my website portfolio page.
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TIL denying the Holocaust is a criminal act in Germany. A person in denial of what happened could be imprisoned up to 5 years. Today, I saw the rather sad ending of Life is Beautiful. I was always too busy to finish a movie. 

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Meditation is talking to God. That's what I was told near a temple in Phuket. 
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