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Health and Solidarity
On our Tumblr, I answered questions about health and solidarity when it comes to consanguinamory and civil rights.

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Who Better?
Check out this blog's sister Tumblr, with a response to a question from a mother.

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Throuple Appears on Talk Show
A throuple has been appearing in the media to discuss their family and a pregnancy. The video should be below, but it in case it isn't, it is at this link . Families like this should be free to be together, and to have all of the adults legally married, if ...

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Cautious Consanguinamory
So, someone you already love wants to love you more , and you want to love them more ; you’re mutually attracted. And you’ve considered the pros and cons and have decided to go for it. You want to add sexual affection to your
relationship. But you feel a ne...

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A Guy Who Is Like Dear Brother
More research shows again that many women look for partners who are like their brothers.

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Australia is missing out on $550 MILLION a year by not legalising gay marriage - as hundreds of same-sex couples flock to New Zealand to wed

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Mother's Day
Happy Mother's Day Weekend to all mothers out there, especially mothers who face discrimination, persecution, and even prosecution for loving one or more other adults, and the mothers who've stood by their children who've faced bigotry for being who they ar...

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When Someone You Love Wants To Love You More
You may have come to this blog
because you think or know someone in your family or closely
related to you is attracted to you, or has a crush on you, or wants to getromantic or sexual with you . You may have had a mix of reactions to this,
whether you've be...

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That's a whole lot of love! Say Yes to the Dress features first POLYGAMOUS bride-to-be, documenting her search for a wedding dress to wear when she marries a man who already has a wife
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