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Halleys Feeds
Halley's Feeds produce high quality, high fibre, unmolassed feed for horses and ponies
Halley's Feeds produce high quality, high fibre, unmolassed feed for horses and ponies


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Ooops! Our techies made a bit of a "cock-erel" up on our online shop! It seems there was a small order charge on our single Sample Hen Blox, not any more, they fixed it!

You can now order a single 1.25kg Halley's Hen Blox sample, costing ...£2.95 plus £6.95 P&P (unfortunately we cant control the cost of postage) delivered to your door, try them today, your hens will love you... forever

Compared to other poultry boredom breakers or hen boredom busters, which only weigh 250g, our hen feed blocks represent great value for money... and they are nutritious too!

Buy online securely for fast delivery at

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Halley's Hen Blox offer a great way to give your brood a balanced, natural, nutritious and healthy feed over the winter months while keeping them from getting bored!

The green colour of our hen food is due to the high volume of Alfalfa, known as Lucerne, which for many thousands of years has fed civilisations (and their animals) around the world. Alfalfa is high in protein, calcium and other minerals, vitamins in the B group, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, and vitamin K.

Hen Blox also contain some tasty wee treats in the form of Split Maize (a great form of energy) and Wheat (a good source of protein), which will also keep your hens amused and have something to focus on.

To promote healthy digestion and absorption of nutrients we include Flint Grit, which is insoluble and assists in grinding the feed down in your birds gizzard. We also add Oyster Shell Grit, which is soluble and is a vital source of calcium, essential for good shells on your hens eggs!

The make up and ingredients, contained in Halley's Hen Blox, make it the ideal feed to replace layers, and out feed is totally natural too!

Why not try our hen feed today, our Hen Blox Starter Pack includes a feeder, buy online securely, safe in the knowledge that your chickens will be getting the best all round feed and boredom breaker, in one handy feed block.

Visit our online shop

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Been searching round the interweb for #poultry stuff? Then you might well have come across our ad on the Practical Poultry Magazine web site, looks good we think!

Remember our nutritious chicken feed is great for giving your #hens the greens they require during winter and therefore promotes good all year round health.

If you do find yourself on then be sure to cluck the ad and buy our gorgeous Hen Blox online, with delivery included in the price, and usually delivered super quick by courier to a chicken run of your choice!

Get clucking! Your birds will love you even more :-)

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Our Hen Blox are available to buy at our online shop, delivered to your door, or Hen House if you prefer!

We always have in stock our innovative natural boredom breaker for poultry, which is also a nutritious chicken feed, packed with the green goodness of alfalfa (Lucerne), wheat, split maize, oyster shell grit and flint grit, which together, not only feed your chickens but keeps your hens healthy for laying and helps prevent feather pecking and vent pecking.

The nature of Hen Blox makes them an ideal all round feed for healthy poultry during the winter months, and the greens help your layers produce eggs with deep yellow yolks.

Buy online, securely, with fast delivery at

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Look what landed at the Halleys Hen Blox HQ this week! The new issue of Practical Poultry Magazine, yes we have taken to print to spread the word about our fabulous blox that will keep boredom at bay for your hens, chickens and indeed other poultry too!

Let us know if you got your copy delivered today and if you spotted our ad, or do you have to travel to your local newsagent an brave this wet Autumnal weather?

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Your hens will love our Hen Blox, try them today, 100% natural, your hens will LOVE you

Halley’s Hen Blox contain greens, wheat, maize and grit to promote poultry health. Compact chicken feed blocks that help prevent feather and vent pecking in flocks especially during the winter months.

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The Halley's roosters, make their first tentative pecks of a Halley's Hen Blox. They obviously love the camera (and the blox) as they enter right on cue to enjoy their tasty treat ;-)

We cant help but think who they remind us of, the 3 stooges perhaps?

To find out more about poultry boredom breakers and feed visit where you can treat your feathered friends to a Starter Pack, thats a new feeder and 4 Hen Blox, for under £30.00 including delivery to your hen coop, and don't forget the roosters will want some too!

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Our Hen Blox boredom breakers & feed for poultry are going down a treat with the flock at the Halleys Feeds farm. In this short video James (aka the boss) tells you a bit about the Hen Blox and, as you can see for yourself, our hens are happily feeding, the only pecking going on is aimed at the Hen Blox and not at each other! Happy days with happy hens.

Hen Blox contain alfalfa, wheat, split maize, oyster-shell grit and flint grit which is then compressed into a 1.25kg block.

Halley's Hen Blox are available to buy at the Halley's Feeds online store, simply visit for prices which include delivery to your hen coop or chicken run!

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James has been out in the fields overseeing the harvest of this year's crop of alfalfa, which is packed in bags of Greengold Chop & Blox. We also use the same alfalfa in Alfagrass and AdLib too. All our feeds are, high in fibre, unmolassed and dried straight from the field. The perfect feed for your horse or pony :-)
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