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Kevin O'Meara
Logistics and Supply Chain Expert | Thought Leader | Strategist | Futurist | Family Man
Logistics and Supply Chain Expert | Thought Leader | Strategist | Futurist | Family Man

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What is a Supply Chain To Do In Age of Global Disruption?
I have been following the election and subsequent transition for a long time now and of course have opinions on a lot of items.  However, as I keep seeing the "Tweet" storms relative to imports, global supply chains, and re-shoring I keep thinking about the...

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What is The True State of The Supply Chain Industry?
As we look at the profession of managing supply chains we tend to spend a lot of time working on specific areas such as S&OP, Six Sigma, Lean, Labor management etc. These are all part of what we would hope would be an incredibly efficient supply chain. So, ...

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The Schools of Experience - Developing Yourself and Selecting Talent
During holidays I really like to spend time with a good book and this Thanksgiving was no different.  I am reading (and re-reading) Clayton Christensen's book:  How Will You Measure Your Life ?  This book is a fantastic read and it uses models of operation ...

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The Amazon Effect
For anyone who runs a warehouse and has Amazon "come to town" you know, at a very micro level, about the "Amazon Effect".  The entire labor and transportation capacity situation in your town changes in an instant.  However, it is bigger than that from a nat...

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October Results are Not encouraging for Transportation Providers
It may not be a complete "Happy Thanksgiving" for people who manage 3d party transportation.  After some very large decreases in the last few months, the CASS Transportation index decreased again in October.  The transportation index dropped 1.4% in October...

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Marc Althen at Penske Logistics - Leading by Example and Empowerment
A great article about a great leader titled " Leading by Example and Empowerment ".  Congratulations to Marc Althen.. .well deserved

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CASS Report from September is Somewhat Grim - Macroeconomic Monday
OK, I am late to the party on this one, sorry but when I read it I thought I had to write, albeit, late.  The Cass Freight Index Report from September had virtually no good news in it.  The best thing they had to say was (actual quote), "... the YoY contrac...

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An Update on Drones and Drone Delivery
I wrote about Drones first in February of 2013 after watching a Nova episode called " Rise of the drones ".  This was almost a full year before the infamous Jeff Bezos 60 minutes episode where he somewhat stunned the world discussing using drones as deliver...

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A Balanced Summary of Where The Trucking Industry Stands
Fleet Owner summarized the FTR Transportation conference with an article about the headwinds facing the transportation industry.  They are real but they are what every business faces - uncertainty. That is what makes a business a business.  Certainty is wha...

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Fundamental Supply Chain Shifts Kill The Idea of a "Surge"
I have talked a lot about the inventory to sales ratio and how it is such a great predictor of what will happen in the transportation industry. Back in April I was sending a warning sign in my post " Inventories Continue to Grow " and I even signaled this a...
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