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Joel Krugler
Retired R&D guy. Incurably liberal. Mainly, curious about almost everything.
Retired R&D guy. Incurably liberal. Mainly, curious about almost everything.

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Help me out: Lt. Gen. McMaster, the newly appointed NSC head, seems to be widely praised by both parties. He has a reputation for being brilliant, effective, articulate ... and outspoken: he's apparently not afraid to take on authority. A retired General (David Barno) said of him:

<<McMaster might be the 21st century Army's pre-eminent warrior-thinker>>

<<He went on to call him "the rarest of soldiers -- one who repeatedly bucked the system and survived to join its senior ranks.">>

SO WHY ON EARTH DID trump APPOINT HIM?? He seems the antithesis of what trump wants/demands of the world around him. 

Question: If you believe that the media are the enemy, that they disseminate lies to further anti-trumpism ... tell me, where do YOU get your "facts"?? From trump's statements? REALLY? That's quite remarkable.

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Hmmm ... do I trust this story?

{Hint: Count the words in McConnell's response.}


"Mitch McConnell Gives One Damning Answer On Russia Scandal That Could Doom Trump"

Senate Majority Mitch McConnell (R-KY) gave a three-word answer when asked if he believed Trump that nobody from his campaign had contact with Russia that was a bad omen for the White House.

The Republican Senate Majority Leader said, “I have no idea.”

Let's see ...

** Flynn gone. Puzder withdrawn. Priebus, Conway, Spicer - on the ropes.

** Cabinet so far: five wealthy business leaders, two generals, and four Republican politicians. Quality of appointments? You decide.

** Confusion and court defeats on immigration decree.

** Screw-ups with various foreign nations (like creating a diplomatic crisis with Australia, threatening to invade Mexico, challenging China on one-China policy).

** In midst of major scandals on relations with /contacts with Russia, in many dimensions (election fixing, leaks, illegal negotiations, praising Putin, etc. etc. etc.)

** Rash decision on Yemen raid - called a failure by McCain, upon which he trashed McCain. Yemen

** Highest disapproval record in history for a US President at this early stage.

** Declared war on media and courts.

** Politfact ratings of his statements: 69% Lies, 14% Half-True, 16% True.

** Trashed New START during a call with Putin — after putting the phone aside to ask his advisers what that (nuclear-arms treaty) was. And then said:

“I was a good student. I understand things,” President Trump assured America on Wednesday. “I comprehend very well, okay? Better than, I think, almost anybody.”

** Continues to refuse to reveal income tax records.

** Continues to defy ethics standards on ownership/control of his businesses.

** Trashes Nordstroms for dropping his daughters (poor-selling) line.

** Silly lies about crowd size (eg the inauguration), and that he won the popular vote (or would have, except for cheating).

** Blames Hillary and the HRC campaign for the Russian embroglio.

** Outrageously ignoring security at time of N. Korea missile launch (in public at Mar-a-Lago).

** Threatening to reduce US funding of UN.

** Challenging importance of / commitment to NATO.

** Reviving Keystone Pipeline (BTW: the US is being sued for $15B by the company - they should like this).

** Celebrating Holocaust Remembrance Day without mentioning Jews.

** Seeming unsure who Frederic Douglass was ("he's being recognized more and more ..."

SOMEBODY STOP ME! I know I've left out a few hundred of his more atrocious actions, but I've run out of steam. Still, venting even partially like this makes me feel a wee bit better!

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This is a joke, right? No, it's a trump tweet. Maybe he should speak to Comey.

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WOW! I'm glad it wasn't a Mexican missile - we would have nuked Mexico City by now. Since it's only Russia, though, there's no reason to be alarmed.


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Can you believe that Petraeus is being seriously consider for the National Security position?? Unreal!

<<But there are still obstacles to Petraeus’ appointment. In spring 2015, the general pleaded guilty to giving classified information to his biographer, Paula Broadwell, with whom he was having an extramarital affair. As part of the plea deal, Petraeus was placed on two years’ probation, set to expire this spring. It is unclear whether Petraeus would be granted a top-level security clearance while he’s still on probation.>>

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First day trump hasn't tweeted by 8 am. Is there hope for the world??

<<President didn't send any Twitter messages Monday morning until 10:53 a.m. On Friday he first tweeted at 8:15 a.m., which was his previous record 'It's 8:54 and he hasn't tweeted about the Grammys. Is Trump dead?' asked a reporter; 'Wake up Donald!' tweeted another >>

So where's the lottery on how long Flynn and Priebus last? I'll take 1 week, maximum. The balloons are in the air.

A silly, minor and largely irrelevant gesture: when forced to write his name I ALWAYS use all lower case: trump doesn't deserve more. Useless? Of course, but mildly satisfying. Try it; you'll like it! :-)
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