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I walk a different path

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So I am looking at my calendar and it mistaked said that Sunday was Chuck's birthday. It was SO WRONG.

I remember the time when he parted the crowd to retrieve his coat. That is when the RHINO was christened!

Happy belated (May 20) birthday to the Rhino, +Chuck Green

Happy Birthday +Matthew Ward 

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Can't wait for this one! 

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It's Cinco de Door o. Yep DDG number 5 is out. 

Happy Belated Birthday to St0rmwatch! +John Miller

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Yeah, yeah, yeah. I forgot to remind you all that DDG podcast number 3 was out. So here is DDG #4. Listen to it.

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I am trying this out on Monday

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Listen up. DDG number 2 is out on the podnutz website!

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Now here is a father's day gift!

Happy Birthday +Marvin Bee​
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