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I walk a different path

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In honor of +Josh Williams birthday today, I present to you what happens when his hero visits mine.

Happy Birthday Josh!!

Happy Birthday 🎂 +Clarkkent434 [Ellis]​. I hope you feel better today. Dad

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Happy Birthday 🎂 Running man +Sean Johnson

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Hello and Happy Birthday +Bill Wilson
Happy Birthday Red Dwarf!

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Budgie appears again +Ikey Doherty
Meet the Laptops & Desktop PCs Being Sold with Ubuntu Budgie

UK-based computer outfit Nimbusoft is gearing up to sell two laptops and an all-in-one desktop PC pre-loaded with the aforementioned nimble, GNOME-based Ubuntu spin.

Product pages for these “Ubuntu Budgie Edition” devices are live over on the Nimbusoft website, although neither the company or the Ubuntu Budgie project itself has made an announcement about the partnership.

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Real life interrupts and I missed this. Thank you Flying Rich
[DDG -] DDG #8 – Feedback, Great Questions! via @PodcastAddict

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Listen up friends and neighbors. DDG number 8 is ready to download!

Happy Birthday Ice Machine +Cody Cooper
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