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Race and Adoption: Empowering Black Children (or, Parenting as Micro-Activism)
years ago I brought home my two children from Haiti and I dropped out
of academia. It did not take me long to realise that I would not
engage in any academic activity for a long time. My children needed
exclusive attention, not only for their young age ...
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FARAFINNA (my new book for children, available on Amazon)
which means “land of the dark-skinned” in the Manding languages, refers to the
African continent. This book exhorts young readers as well as adults to displace
the gaze in order to go beyond the usual images. The
texts, in French, are inspired i...
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Racism does not come with a warning
It’s a
winter Sunday. It’s cold. With my husband and our two children, we want to
relax somewhere nice. We settle for a visit to the museum. The Schirn
Kunsthalle in Frankfurt is offering an exhibition on dioramas. It’s supposed to
be great for kids. In the...
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The frustrations of a race talk
are two book titles that come to my mind almost on an every-day basis. Both
have to do with the frustrations of a race talk and with the things left unsaid
as a result of such frustrations. One is the title of a novella by Afro-German
author Sharon Do...
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INCLUSION AND EMPOWERMENT (from my book SONO NERO E SONO FIERO, available on Amazon)
“If there’s a book that you want to read, but it
hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” Toni Morrison   As an
engaged reader and a literature scholar, I’ve long been concerned with
representation and with its role in empowering some people and di...
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Dodo Vole, empowering books for little hands
Everywhere children should be granted the right to
have access to books reflecting their own world, books in which their cultures
and languages find dignified expression. However, this right is often denied to
children from poor regions, where, if in place ...
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The face of racism
This is a sport class. A bunch of kids aged five to eight are standing
in a row, taking turns in running and jumping over obstacles, supervised by a
trainer and an assistant. An older kid (white) slaps my daughter in the face.
The trainer does not say anyth...
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The Warrior
The Warrior I know it was not love at
first sight. It was fear at first sight. And at second, and third, and fourth.
It was fear that informed my relationship with my daughter from the moment the
four of us became a family forever. The very moment we left t...
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The Visitor
Gustave walks me home every evening.
The hotel where I'm staying, which truly feels like home by now, is
only a few blocks away from the orphanage, but at dusk I feel safer
with Gustave on my side and I cherish his company. We exchange a few
words with a lo...
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Ocean wide
In the morning the
place looked clean and pleasant. The children were nicely dressed and smelled
of almond oil. The girls had newly braid...
Ocean wide
Ocean wide
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